Klue Words & Tunes + Songwriters Round 23

Photo by Andre
(I tried doing a 300 effect. lol, thanks Albert!)

A few weeks ago at Bangsar Village 2’s MPH was the first time I ever performed at an open mic. It was a pretty interesting experience. The event started off with some really artsy poetry and music. Not something for everyone. Definitely wasn’t for me. But I guess some people can appreciate it. ‘Sonic mayhem’ they called it.

Well anyways, I performed ‘Put this song on your ipod’ and ‘Everyone’s got a Myspace song now’ (which I now call the Friendster song cos people here don’t use Myspace anyway).

Andre took a video of me playing:

It starts off in the middle of the first chorus.

At the end of the performance, I got interviewed! Catch me on the KLUE minute on 8tv! I don’t watch tv myself 😛

My friend Rina put on a great show. She is going to get famous with music, I just know it, watch out for her!

The following week (last weekend) I went to Alexis at Great Eastern Mall for The Songwriter’s Round 23 where Pete Teo, and gang performed, and man they were fucking awesome. I had no idea how good these guys were till that night. Each of them played guitar and sang very well. Pete Teo reminded me of Damien Rice. Azmyl Yunor reminded me of Stephen Lynch. Jerome Kugan was totally different from his MPH performance, and his music was totally original. His tunes and melodies were just so soothing and was a real pleasure to listen to. And lastly, Reza Salleh’s voice just oozed with sex (I quote Albert).

At the open mic session, me and Rina performed as well as a whole bunch of other people. Rina practically blew the rooftops away with her rooftop song. And apparently I was really cute on stage (according to Lynndy and Rina). Everyone laughed and enjoyed my ‘Friendster Song’ which I performed. Even at the end of the show, one dude called out to me ‘YO! FRIENDSTER DUDE!!’

I was actually considering not playing that song that night because of how old the crowd was that night! I was like ‘do they even know what friendster is?!’ But I’m glad I entertained the crowd. I think I can be a stand up comedian one day! These lines made the audience laugh-

“Hi, my name is George, and I don’t have an album”
“My next song is called the friendster song. Its basically a song about online social networking”
“You’ve got 500 friends, but none of them know your name! A couple extra profiles, 41 different photographs, what’s wrong with you?”
“This is a race to see who can get more friends then you really need..Carbon copies of carbon copies..you and your friends all look the same”
“Let’s talk, add me, leave a comment”

I don’t have any pictures of the even, but Albert took some photographs of the event and might be putting them up on his blog.

Well, here’s to more open mics in the future. And maybe reaching celebrity status. Maybe my resolution might come true this year after all!

2storeyheart on myspace.

8 thoughts on “Klue Words & Tunes + Songwriters Round 23”

  1. George the naive ignorant fuck. Presumptious and wanting to be a musician but had never heard any local singers/songwriters locally. Fucking grow up already with your angsty emo shit that you write since primary one.

    Now everyone wants to be a rockstar. Please dont play your music anymore, I was at alexis and you were terrible. If you would like to be a celebrity please go start your own fan club with ur gay friends at your place.

  2. James Tan : you can! is there an MPH in Australia? haha

    Lynndy : hahaha.. now I shall delete you :p

    Sod off : Hey! Glad you found your way to my blog! Now I need to point you towards dictionary.com to spell ‘presumptuous’ correctly.

    Presumptuous is you coming here and telling me what to do. In case you haven’t noticed, what I write on my blog is fun and meant to be taken lightly (unless I’m writing something serious, which happens once in awhile).

    I’m sorry if you have 500 friends, a few extra profiles and 41 extra photographs, I didn’t mean to offend you. Honestly. Boy am I glad you noticed that when I was in primary one I predicted Friendster was coming out!

    And thank you for your advice– I’d start a gay fan club, but unfortunately I don’t have any gay friends. Would you like to be my first member?

  3. haha lolz…another loser trying to flame ppls blog..go get a life “sod off” and mind ur own business asshole…u’re probably just jealous not being able to sing infront of a crowd…and yet wanting some puiny attention over here…go get a fucking life asshole

  4. 2StoreyHeart FTW! I guess Sod Off has bad taste in music, or even no taste whatsoever. And you’re asking George to grow up? You’re definitely one to talk arn’t you, using big words like presumptious (oh no, you’ve tainted my ability to spell correctly) which you probably don’t even understand the meaning of. And just because you want to be a rockstar now after an open mic session doesn’t mean everyone else does too. In fact, we don’t even want to be rockstars. We’re already rockstars in our own right. And before George can start a fan club with his supposedly homosexual acquaintences, why don’t you point him in the right direction. You seem to have had enough of a drive to be his fan considering the fact you took enough time and effort to find his blog to post your opinions about his music in the first place. Quite constructive, I must say. Heed his words George. Don’t play your music anymore. Just continue playing great music, as you always have.


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