Never in a million years..

..would I think that I’d be performing some Beatles songs in public! For goodness sake, I don’t even listen to them normally!
In fact I think I listen to Beyonce more than I listen to George, Ringo, John and Paul! anyways, here’s the low down (wtf does that mean? I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before!):

Remember this?
Well the charity event will be held tomorrow (in a few hours) at Bangsar Village 1. There will be a coloring contest (for kids), selling of the t-shirts, caricatures and a musical performance by a quintet (I’m one of them!) The event will be on from 11am-8pm. Saturday and Sunday. So head on down (bring your kids! or someone else’s kids! kidnapping is not a crime if you return the child lol) to Bangsar Village tomorrow and give all your money away! It’s for a good cause, and 100% of all proceeds will be donated to charity. We aren’t making anything from this event, so don’t think its some evil corporate scheme to steal money from innocent people! Stay for the show, throw tomatoes at me if I suck!

Call/sms me for more details (if you have my number obviously). If you don’t, you shouldn’t be reading my blog! haha jk. I know I have more than six readers.

5 thoughts on “Never in a million years..”

  1. Chung Sin : yeah, charity šŸ™‚

    Van1ty : read the blog post fooo

    James Tan : I performed tonnes of songs :p will blog about it soon

    moy : no vids with me, but other ppl took.. hopefully i can get it off them šŸ™‚


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