In my dreams I usually go back to this park that doesn’t exist, but yet it seems so familiar, like its been there all along. I always return to my old neighborhood (happy garden). I have no idea why I keep going back there. Maybe my future has something to do with it.

In this place in my dream, it is like where I used to live, but there are changes. A different street layout. It always seems to be night time, and somehow there’s pasar malam sometimes. Sometimes I have neighbors. Sometimes I have people chasing after me.

But its not only my old neighbor hood that gets warped in my head. The other day I had this dream in school which was some weird combination of GIS, Taylors and LUCT! Here’s what happened. Me and Seng Yip were just hanging around when we see this set of hot girls. Seng Yip went up to them to open the set. I came in a short while later and ask my target (this hot Eurasian girl) on a scale of 1-10, how hot does she think I am? She gave me a thousand! All her friends looked at her and she was like ‘what?! I like chinese guys!’

And shortly after that, gunfire erupted, and a bunch of people with guns drove into the campus field and started shooting, and everyone started running.

I forgot what happened after that, but I remember turning off the alarm midway during my sleep just to continue the dream.

4 thoughts on “Somewhere.”

  1. haha.. yeah.. it’s funny how everyone would have this one dream that they will keep dreaming again and again for many years to come.

    in my case, i used to have this dream where i would keep jumping off the stair of my old 2 storey house.. and the funny thing is, my brother used to had this same dream like me as well.

  2. gerald : or they get to the “best part”, but you never remember them when you wake up :p

    jsze : lets move back there!

    moy : haha what happens after you jump? must be weird sharing the same dream..maybe it means something


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