Postal Postal Service

So I was chatting with Jason and he mentioned that his free DVD that was supposed to come with his magazine subscription was missing. So he started going on about he would kick the postman’s ass if he ever came back to return the disc. haha

Then I started thinking to myself- if i was a postman, my residents won’t be getting their mails!
I mean seriously, what does it take to be a postman? Do you have to sign some sort of trust/honesty agreement?

I mean, think of all the cool shit you can get as a postman! Everything gets sent by mail! Love letters, blackmail, money, magazines, bills, bank statements, CDs..everything!

Of course you would have to deal with the random mail bombs, anthrax packages and whatnot.. but I’m pretty sure all the good stuff you get outweighs the bad!

Alright, I’m adding working as a postman to my ‘things to do before I die’ list.

I guess I somehow knew that being a post man would be a cool job when I wanted to be one when I was a kid :p

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