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As most of you know, I’ve given up on driving.. to work that is. I am now an official commuter of the LRT trains. Which means no more traffic jams for me, which means I get to save on money on petrol.. and a whole load of things. Anyway, the following email pretty much summarizes my transport situation:

From: George [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 3:51 PM
To: ‘Jason’
Subject: RE:

LRT – 135/month = ~5 a day
petrol would probably be

This will serve as an introduction to the LRT stories I will be posting in the future.

10 thoughts on “LRT : I ride the train”

  1. Hey princess,
    theres actually this monthly pass thing you could get, which is only RM90 🙂 You can save so much moreeee hahaha
    Who’s the spoilt brat now! ho ho =]


  2. Of course there are chicks! MMM working-class chicks.

    However, I resort to the RapidKL buses sometimes as the LRT is just too crowded. Your RM135 pass covers that… so hop on a bus from your house if you can.

  3. You know, vanessa’s right. I used to be a daily commute on the ol’ LRT too. The monthly pass is waaay cheaper.

    PS. You can’t masturbate on the train.

  4. vanessa, ferhan : check up on the prices again before you comment :p

    the monthly pass costs rm135 which is for bus and LRT

    there’s no rm90 pass- there is a rm80 pass for the monthly bus pass or rm100 for monthly LRT pass.

    And I have to use both bus and LRT in order to get to work, that’s why it costs RM135..I don’t line up and buy tickets every morning -_- that would be stupid

    I broke down the cost to rm5 a day just to compare with my current daily expenses

    Albert Ng : yeah I would take the bus from my house..IF THERE WAS ONE! hahaha no busses come up my forsaken hill

    aimee : I don’t know.. don’t you watch movies?! hahaha

    The Doctor : I know 🙁

  5. Thanks for visiting my new blog. I ride the train to work too! Working in central KL, trying to avoid the jams. The monthly LRT pass is only good for Star and Putra.

    I like the blog layout! Clean and simple but very practical.

  6. TJ : it’s on facebook- youtube won’t let me post videos over 10 mins

    Chung Sin : of course it’s nice

    Laynie : you’re welcome! I got the link to your blog off suckball. Actually I’ve been reading for awhile, only decided to comment recently haha


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