So today I managed to get onto the train.

Ever get annoyed with the carriages being full in the morning? Well, have no fear, George is here!

Today I have discovered (and yet to perfect) this new technique for getting onto a crowded train. And here I am, sharing my secrets with you! Fully illustrated with easy to follow instructions that even a toddler will have no problems understanding it!

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15 thoughts on “So today I managed to get onto the train.”

  1. haha very quite visual guide. but you know malaysians dont really care if the door is closing and you’re still half-out. when i took the lrt, i had to scream (no lah, actually just speak loudly) to tell people to make space.

  2. This is not exactly a Tip but you might want to try it one day? Required you to be a meanie though 😛

    Give other people this look that will say “I’ll do anything and everything it takes so I get that spot in the train”, then hold your bag like how you would with an American Football, RAM yourself right into the train like touchdown 😀

    It’s fun, but the public hates you for it.

  3. hey.. friend said ur cartoon damn cute… next LAT artist..fuyoh.. kembang right?

    Anyway, couldn’t message u further that day.. credit boh liao… but hey, paid my another phone line d (012602…)… so got credit again!! laoweh.. next time see me.. come and greet me ok! if you’re lucky, i give u a bite from my KFC chicken drumstick!! lol :p

  4. try when ur sweating and not wearing deodorant..
    i wonder if people will move away and make space or just simply push u out of the train!

    hehe 😛

  5. This one applies more for the escalators, where slowass people chill on, blocking your path when you can see/hear an open train – use the Holy Diver crowd-cutting stance.

    Extend both hands in a wedge to signal your urgency. It has never failed.

  6. From my experience, always try to make your way to the area where the trains connect. It’s usually empty and the natural cool air from the vents are great too for those warm KL mornings.

  7. elfiejane : well maybe if you’re tall and intimidating like me, people make way. Just kidding, I’m not tall and intimidating :p maybe they bully you cos you’re a girl

    Jakk : I’d like to go to work and not end up in jail hahaha

    simon : you could print it out and stick it on the train doors. I’ve already done my part putting it on the internet! haha

    jacjac : next lat? lol.. and it’s alright, I don’t take drumsticks from strangers haha

    sam* : plenty of people stink in the lrt :X I just hold my breath!

    Chung Sin : like I mentioned above- people can just hold their breath haha

    Lynndy : ‘thank you, I’m very funny’ 😀

    Wannabe Economist : no, I steal them.. haha yeah I draw them myself

    Albert Ng : does Dio need to be playing in the background? haha

    Spyda : thanks 🙂

    Rachel : my jeans are too strong for that to happen!

    moy : but if only I sat on trains..real men stand 😉 haha

    Van1ty : yeap, I usually stand there unless I’m leaving the train real soon

    Isobel : it’s an artistic depiction ;P


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