It’s happening! (catchphrase of the year)

So recently I’ve been sketching people on LRTs, trying to improve my figure drawing skills (or lack of). Anyways, I’ve noticed one thing that happens almost everytime someone notices I’m drawing them. They give me this ‘Fuck you asshole!’ glare. Like I’m some sort of criminal. I mean come on! why are people so unfriendly looking when they know that I’m drawing them? It’s not like I’m taking their virginity!

In my mind I’m like, “just continue doing what you were doing before you noticed me, and ignore me! It’s not that hard!”

I’ve only been drawing figures, trying to get my proportions and body expressions right, I haven’t been doing any faces, so it’s not like I’m taking photographs of them, I’m only using their bodies as a reference!

So anyways, due to what I’ve been doing, I’ve observed new things about people that I didn’t really notice before. Here’s a couple of them that I saved in my phone to be blogged.

If you can’t tell how old someone is by their face, you can tell someone’s age by how their hands look. Hands don’t fool anyone, unless they’re wearing gloves. But then again, some people might just have ugly hands.

I think that’s pretty true. Old people have old hands and young people have young hands. Don’t think you can really change the appearance of your hands. I’ve seen loads of pretty, young looking women, but when I look at their hands, I notice how wrinkly and old they are. So the face can be pretty deceiving if you’re gonna use it as a measure of one’s age.

As you grow older your pants go higher.

This is something that I’ve discussed with Seng Yip before, but yeah, it seems that the older a man is (once he’s past his 30s), the higher they seem to wear their pants. Old men wear their belts under their nipples or something. If they could wear it around their necks, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Seriously.

Oh, and I got myself a deviantart account. Nothing new posted there yet, but you guys can add me as a friend 😀

6 thoughts on “It’s happening! (catchphrase of the year)”

  1. old men wear their pants under the nipple is because thats the fashion of their generation =) So does men in 30s who tend to wear their pants at waist level. Should say younger generations wear their pants lower and lower, haha

  2. hey… I had to do something similar today… but instead of drawing, I had to run a field study in a cafe. So you could say that I was sort of STALKING people… because I had to make notes of EVERYTHING that they were doing. After about 10 minutes, people started giving me weird glares… HAHA.

    It was only after about 30 minutes, I realized that part of my study involved getting peoples’ consent before stalking them.

    I suppose what we did was sort of like a breach of privacy… HAHAHA… but I reckon if we approached people to get their consent, eg:’hey uncle, I want to draw your bald head.’ They’d probably run away thinking that we’re trying to make them buy something. -.-

  3. I sketch people in class when I’m bored, and quite a few look pissed when they catch me, but I guess I’d call it even cause I’d totally freak out if a random person started sketchin’ me…

  4. Wannabe Economist : my dad didn’t wear his pants so high when he was younger.. but he does it now o_o

    penny c : firstly I wasn’t stalking, I was just standing there and sketching whatever I saw :p haha and I don’t think we need their consent to perform observations! It’s not like we’re taking pictures of their faces and selling them.. haha

    we were both doing studies! harmless if you ask me!

    elfiejane : why so? just ignore the artist, or ask him if you could have a look when that person is done.. haha

    Spyda : lol.. And you would think that people enjoyed attention

    Van1ty : nah, they’re nothing great, you can see them when you come back. haha, can’t be bothered to scan rough sketches


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