Gig #3

I’ll be playing for the open mic at doppelganger again!
It’ll be this Sunday, 1st of June, 9pm, Marketplace KL
Like previously, it’s rm20 cover charge which gets you one drink
Benchmarx and Yuri Wong will be the main acts. For more info head over to the Doppelganger site.

I’ll be playing 3 songs on that night πŸ˜€
come, come, come! tell all your friends, spread the word!

10 thoughts on “Gig #3”

  1. jsze : thanks for supporting me πŸ™‚ I’ll let you know when the next gig is!

    jtpa : let’s hope so!

    Yuri : coming from someone like you, I feel so honored man! haha, thanks πŸ™‚ you played a great set too

    Lynndy : it’s alright, you can throw disposables next time!

    Jason : NO. haha

    moy : NO! hahah


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