The File

“Holy shit! Did you hear that?”

“My screams of agony?”

“No! The computer, it beeped!”

“You must be hearing things, now come on, get this cord out of me before the wound gets infected and I get poisoned.”

“No, I’m serious, George! Look! she said as she turned the laptop to my face.”

“New device found. What would you like to do with it?”

“No fucking way! What the hell?”

“Exactly, we’ve got to check it out!”

“Please hurry up, it really hurts.”

She moved the cursor onto open drive and there was a single executable file on the drive. George.exe.

“Is that it?”

“Uh huh,” she nodded.

“Should we be running untrusted executables on your laptop?” I asked.

“What the hell does that mean?”

“No wonder your computer’s always full of malware..”

She slapped me on my arm.


Before I could object, she double clicked the file.

A little window popped up with a list of options that would normally be found on a computer.

Explore, run, shut down, restart, sleep, and update.

“Let’s see what’s in explore,” without giving me a chance to object, she clicked it which and a gallery popped up, showing tons of folders named and sorted by dates. She clicked the folder at the top of the screen and a video clip popped up. It was a point of view video clip, showing me waking up, brushing my teeth, taking a leak and getting dressed before leaving the house this morning. Basically everything that I had been doing until I was at her house where we were wrestled on her bed and the USB cord pierced into my back.

“Holy shit. What the hell is this shit?”

She closed the video and selected another date at random, it was a few days earlier. It started off the same way, me waking up, heading to the toilet to wash up, taking a dump, getting dressed and heading to work.

“You spend a lot of time on Facebook in the office,” she remarked.

I laughed. “Alright, that’s enough of going through my memories. Let’s try plugging the cord into you.”

“No way, I haven’t had enough yet!” she responded.

“Come on, this is way too much, you can’t spend the whole day going through what’s in my head!”

An evil grin appeared on her face.

“Don’t tell me, you’re thinking of what I think you’re going to do.”

Without saying a word, she exited to the main menu and clicked on sleep. I immediately blacked out.

I don’t know what happened next.

Writing Prompt from Reddit: While wrestling around on the ground with your girlfriend, you accidentally roll over onto your USB cord and it pierces into your back. You reach around to pull it out, your girlfriend screams and points at the computer where a small window says “New Drive (Q:) Recognized”

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