Valentine Day Nightmare

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Valentine’s Day; I remember back in GIS you could pay a certain amount, and they’d send chocolates and/or flowers to whoever you wanted in school. I think this was one chump activity I never partook in.

George had this crush on the new girl in school and he had sent her chocolates, hoping to score some brownie points with her. His kind and generous gesture wasn’t appreciated as the chocolates were sent back. Ouch. He ended up eating them himself, eating his misery as he put it.

He also tried calling her, to which she answered, yelled at him along the lines of “I’m not interested in you!” before proceeding to hang up. Double ouch.

A couple of years later after high school we actually bumped into her at the food court, George and her chatted amicably, I’d like to think that she probably thought that it wasn’t one of her proudest moments either, but hey we were all young once.

I realize this would have made more sense to post on Valentine’s Day but I forgot I had this little gem saved, now’s a good time as any I suppose.

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  1. haha those time are really cute.. i don’t remember if i have told u this before..

    back during my primary school, i had a crush on two girls at the same time. it was more like a puppy love sorta thing cuz i was a really really shy person back then.

    i remembered once, like many other kids that time, the first girl asked me who do i like, being a really shy person i was, i told her i liked B.. a few days later, B asked me the same question, to which.. (u got it!) I answered A..

    what i didn’t realize was that A and B were actually quite close.. a few weeks later, i think they found out what a lying bastard i was.. they both stopped talking to me altogether..

  2. moy – wow thats pretty awesome. They probably thought you were a whole lot cooler after that, seeing as to how you played them both. Its something to be proud about

  3. moy : haha yeah I’ve heard that story a billion times.. just kidding, only twice. But its a good story 😀

    starcrossedangel : you could dress like scarlett.. maybe you could pass off as her :p

    meng yen : not everybody has heard it haha


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