Out come the claws

I have a confession to make.. I watch Malaysian Dreamgirl.
I bet that was abit unexpected. But then again, I’m always full of surprises- next thing you know, I’m gonna have some nuffnang ads on my site.

Just kidding. Haha.

But yeah I’ve been watching MDG and wow, those girls are vicious! I don’t know if it’s just me or whether they do it just cos they’re on camera, but most of their comments towards each other are pretty spiteful despite the show only being 4 episodes long (as of now I haven’t watched the 5th one). And its not like the show is scheduled to run 7 episodes long right? Spread the drama out! 2 girls have already quit. I found that pretty funny- it’s like they couldn’t even get the girls to stay on long enough to be voted off.

Other than those minor gripes, the show has been pretty interesting and there are some pretty hot girls on the show. And if it matters, my bet is on Cindy. HOT HOT HOT. *drooool* Full of love and care? Winner of winners? Bachelor in Contemporary Arts? Where do I sign up?? but why did they have to cut her hair?! I re-watch Episode 1 just to see her in that red dress. mmmmmm

So, the other day I was watching MDG and realized she had a tattoo of a bar code on her arm! How cool is that?! I wonder what her serial number is. Anyways this idea just popped into my head and I painted it-

Viola! Malaysian Dreamgirl fanart!

(will someone submit my blog entry into the dreamgirl blog contest? I really want the RM500 Wella Professionals hamper or Escada fragrances. I kid, I kid!)

8 thoughts on “Out come the claws”

  1. I always get put off with the borken english and fake psuedo accents and close the tab after a minute or so. I should check out Cindy. =p
    Or better, go game her!

    “Hello Fer?”
    “Hey George, wassup?”
    “You’re not gonna believe this, but guess who I just woke up with this morning.”


  2. Jakk : thanks 🙂 and you, take care of yourself! I’ve heard stories from Lynndy!

    aliciashasha : yadayadayastoptalkinggibberishyaddaya haha

    vanessa : she’s so hawwwwwwt… stop being jealous :p

    Jace : I used to draw pentagrams on my friend’s textbooks

    Van1ty : you can mute the show and watch it.. hahaha

  3. OMG.. why are the girls so freaking ugly? I mean.. i’m ugly too thats without a doubt but i know that when we’re ugly, we have face to actually not let the whole world knows that we are ugly but in the same time think we’re pretty.. EWWWWWWWW..gwoss-fied :p

    owh, btw, i did think there was a hot chick when i saw in the ad in 1 utama… this malay chick stnading infront in the ad which looks like sharifah armani girl.. wat happened to her wei? i think she could have won with hands down!


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