What I’ve learnt over the past month…

…is that I still have a lot to learn to consider myself truly proficient in English, especially when it comes to writing.

Being raised by English-speaking parents, going to an English school and an appetite for reading played a huge role the cultivation of my English skills – but I didn’t learn most of it by following rules. I just went with what “sounded” correct (which is not a bad thing to do but probably not the best method either). Over the past few weeks of the Write101x course, learning the rules of verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives etc have opened up my eyes to how the English language works.

I can hold conversations in English and can write well enough to be considered passable but throughout the past month of lessons and rejuvenation of my blog, my most notable shortcomings became very clear to me. I lack eloquence and an expansive vocabulary. I have trouble putting down into words the ideas in my head – at least in an interesting fashion. Converting those ideas into speech or text requires practice, which is why I started writing 5 days a week on my own blog (for those of you who noticed why I’ve been writing so frequently, this is why). As for my limited vocabulary, it became very clear to me when I read this article which we had to discuss about. Note the italicized words the author chose. I had to Google almost all of them!

Hopefully by understanding all the rules and picking up new words along the way, I’ll be able to improve myself by the end of the course. And if I don’t get better by then, I’ll continue working on my writing on my own after that. I enjoy writing and hope to continue penning down words until the day I die (after travelling the world and settling down in Hawaii, of course) so it’s important that I get better at it. Thank you for reading my blog (all ten of you loyal readers!). It makes me happy to know that I still have visitors after all these years.

Written for my English101x assignment.

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