Ohio Is For Lovers

I first discovered Hawthorne Heights through a Victory Records CD sampler which came with a Taking Back Sunday CD. They had just signed onto the label and put out their first single through them, “Ohio is for lovers”. It was run of the mill early 2000s screamo, but I really enjoyed the track and got into their whole album. However, it wasn’t until their second album, “If Only You Were Lonely” where their hooks sank into me. That album was an outstanding effort – straight out the door with the banging track “This is Who We Are” all the way until the somber closer, “Decembers”. I loved the album and it was the soundtrack for my long drives to and from Cyberjaya during my college days.

Ohio Is For Lovers

Their next few releases went in a poppier direction, and I didn’t really get into them as much as their older stuff. But last week, they dropped a new single for their upcoming EP (Hurt), “The Darkest Times”, which showed a return to their “If Only You Were Lonely” sound. This got me excited again, and I decided to load up their discography in my playlist. Since then I’ve been listening to them daily and for some reason (maybe I’m just an old fart now), I’m digging their poppier stuff. I guess back then I never took the time to appreciate them due to the lack of screaming.

This Is Who We Are

By relistening to their whole discography, I’ve come to realize the band’s talent for crafting great anthems. If you’re looking for songs to make you pump your fist in the air, look no further. Also, kudos to the band for sticking together after all these years despite multiple lineup changes and one death (RIP Casey) – two of the band’s original members are still in the band. JT Woodruff, the band’s lead vocalist/guitarist, also released some solo work on his own which is great if you dig his vocals.


All in all, I’m extremely excited for the Hurt EP and I hope it truly recreates the magic which 2006 Hawthorne Heights brought to my life. Sure I might be fondly looking back on that album through rose tinted glasses but hey – that’s what art is all about right? If it can’t mean something different to different people, artists wouldn’t be able to make a living. (Looking at you, million dollar blotches of ink on canvases smh).

The Darkest Times

Blue Burns Orange

Saying Sorry

Rescue Me

Picket Fences

Hollywood and Vine

Four White Walls





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