20 sen entertainment

So the other day, I was on the LRT and I dropped 20 sens when I opened my wallet. The coin rolled under the legs of a lady in a skirt (she didn’t notice) and it would’ve been pretty rude of me to get down on my knees and grab the coin from under her. So I decided to wait til she got off the train before I retrieved the coin (I was gonna get off at Kelana Jaya, so she was definitely leaving before me).

Anyway, when the lady left the train, this old lady took her place. So I had to wait again. This time after a few stops, the old lady noticed that there was a coin on the floor, and she eyed it for a few stops. Just before she got off, she looked around to make sure nobody was watching, then she bent down, picked it up, put it in her purse and walked out.

I was contemplating on calling her out and saying that it was mine and embarrassing her, but I decided to make her happy instead. Maybe she might have felt lucky for the rest of the day cos she found a ‘lucky coin’. It would’ve affected her mood and how she dealt with problems and other people, and it was all cos of the 20sen coin. A small price to pay to make someone happy for the whole day.

6 thoughts on “20 sen entertainment”

  1. Jason : it cost me 20sen lol

    YeinJee : rm50 notes if you can

    moy : now that i think of it..i would’ve probably picked up the rm1. then again, it would depend on how i was feeling at that time

    jsze : every little bit counts 🙂

    eizniv : that’s sweet of you to say such things, haha


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