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2storeytreat #3: The Party Song

Okay, so this song is NOT going to end up on the EP.

But there’s good news- yes, ladies and gentlemen- everybody can get this song for free.. now!
Just head over to: and download the song. Or stream it on myspace.

Since a lot of people requested for this song, and I wasn’t going to include it in the EP, I decided to just record it and release it online. It’s gonna be like a promo song for me- share it with all your friends! Tell everyone about it! Spread it around! Whatever! It’s a fun song, so everyone should have fun with it! Remix it! Cover it! Oh yeah, and tell me what you think about it.

I’ll be heading into the studio tomorrow to start recording. Hope everything goes well!

The Party Song

And as these hands move over the fretboards
And as these words start to leave my lips
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
Raise your glasses and take a sip

Cos i don’t care if you’re not drinking
You don’t need to, to get high off this song!
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
Raise your voices and sing along

It’s friday night and you’re dressed to kill
In your favorite dress and your dancing heels
You’re gonna hit the clubs tonight

With your girls in tow, and your boyfriends in line
Beer, whisky, brandy and bottles of wine
Someone’s definitely not driving tonight!

You make your way to the dance floor
You’re expecting your favorite number
But instead you see me on stage
With my guitar singing

One more song til the end of the night
Let’s end this party like how it began
Everybody scream when the lights go out!
Everybody scream when the lights go out!

You make your way to the dance floor
You’re so drunk it doesn’t matter
You’re half past dead, your vision is blurred
I’m still on stage singing

This song started out with the chorus- very rare for me, as I usually find it harder to write choruses than verses! I wanted to write a fun song because people said most of my songs were all sad and I should have a larger variety in my repertoire. And so, this song materialized.

After playing around with the chorus for the longest time, I finally decided what to write about- basically the first verse tells the story- its Friday night, you and your buddies decide to head out to the clubs. You hit the dance floor, expecting to dance to Beyonce or Tiesto music, but instead you see me on the stage playing to the whole club. Haha. It’ll be a long way to go before I get big enough to play in a club, so in the mean time catch me at little events all over the place :p

And as I was looking through my pc, I found the original lyrics I had for the chorus before I changed them-
as my fingers slide over this fretboard/as my fingers slide over these frets
and as these words leave my lips
ladies and gentlemen, get up and groove to the beat
move your feet
id like you to dance to the music and move those hips

and as the minutes turn into hours
and as the hours turn into days
ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
you don’t need to go home, you’re welcome to stay!

I guess the change was for the better. LOL

4 thoughts on “2storeytreat #3: The Party Song”

  1. Alison : thanks πŸ™‚

    shasha : cos it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the EP πŸ˜›

    Isobel : well I didn’t name the song Isobel either, you didn’t call me out on that!

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