2storeytreat #4 : Car Crash Hearts and a Love Letter written by a half-dead Romantic

So recording has been going great so far. Guitars are now done, so recording the vocals will be the next step. And probably the hardest part. Let’s hope I don’t screw it up. I probably won’t, with my band of merry friends to watch over me. lol

This week, I’ll be writing about one of my favorite songs I’ve written. Probably the most ’emo’ as well. The breakup song.

Car Crash Hearts and a Love Letter written by a Half-Dead Romantic

I got tired of fighting
We were fighting for nothing
Nothing made you happy anymore
I’m sorry this happened
I just don’t have the patience I used to have

And this silence isn’t helping, I wish that we could talk it out (And this silence isn’t helping, I wish that we could talk it out)
And this silence isn’t helping, I wish that we could talk it out

People change, I guess I did
But what’s wrong with change? (But what’s wrong with change?)
I guess you don’t know me anymore
Maybe I’d like to keep it that way (Maybe I’d like to keep it that way)

But I don’t need this guilt trip
(I’d rather crash the car and end it tonight)
I really don’t need to hear this out

Delete all the photographs
Throw away the ticket stubs
Bury the flowers with the bear
In your garden before you go

I really hope you’re happy
I really do
I don’t want you to cry

Don’t even think about me
I can’t make you smile anymore
Forget my name
And forget my face

I loved you
I loved you
I loved you

I wrote this song a short while after I broke up with Raelene. Its basically about what I felt after we broke up. How we were arguing all the time and how I seemed to make her cry more than smile. When we were still on talking terms, she said that I changed, which I guess I did after we broke up, and I thought to myself ‘what’s wrong with change?’. The lines This silence isn’t helping.. referred to how our conversations never went anywhere and didn’t seem to help fix things.

So finally, by the end of the song, I’m telling her to let go of everything and to leave me behind (she was supposed to leave the country).

In this age, we don’t have anymore physical photographs, and so deleting them is the normal thing to do, though burn would seem more poetic :p The ticket stubs referred to all the movie ticket stubs we kept over the years. Every time we watched a movie, I would keep one stub and she the other, and I would put mine inside an envelope, collecting every movie we watched together. The bear referred to a significant gift I gave to her as a present. She named him Mr. Brown (not important in the song- just things I remember) and she used to hug him to sleep every night. Bury the flowers with the bear in your garden before you go.. She was supposed to leave the country, and so I figured burying the past before she left would help her to forget me.

This song has the longest song title ever. It refers to the analogy I came up with about how relationships are like cars on the road. There always needs to be some sort of friction between the wheels and the road (between the couple) and how if everything is smooth sailing all the time- the wheels lose their grip and cause the car to slip off the road. Therefore a break up would equate to a car accident. The love letter refers to this song, and the half-dead romantic- me.

9 thoughts on “2storeytreat #4 : Car Crash Hearts and a Love Letter written by a half-dead Romantic”

  1. Isobel:we do have a local band with that name 🙂

    george:this song made me tear up in NBT…especially the 1st 2 verses…exactly how i felt with the ex…

  2. Isobel : no they won’t, they lifted their band name from a fall out boy song! I didn’t! it happened to be a coincidence

    Alison : I guess its a good thing that people can actually relate to my songs. haha


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