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2storeytreat #5: Sherlock Holmes

Part 5 of my 2storeytreat series

Sherlock Holmes

You can stop pretending, this charade is ending
I can see through this, I can see through you
I know what you told me, was just what you told him
With a little twist and change, of places and names

You’re lying to me
I don’t need to be
Sherlock Holmes
To figure out what’s going on

Situation’s changing, you can’t stop complaining
I can see you want out, why don’t you just ask out?
I know that it’s over, we just can’t be lovers
What’s the point of fighting now? If it won’t sort things out?

I can see that you’re doing all these things
That you’re not proud of and you really
Don’t want me to see or catch you in the act

You’re lying to me
I don’t need to be
Sherlock Holmes
To figure, to figure you out

So, this song actually began with the main riff repeated throughout the song- I was in the shower and suddenly I just hummed that tune. I quickly finished bathing and figured out how to play it on guitar. I recorded it and then figured out a chord progression and the music was done. I think the lyrics came a few days later when I had an idea about writing a song about a relationship falling apart from lies.

The lyrics are pretty straightforward. It wasn’t based on a real experience (I don’t think I’ve been cheated on before haha) and I like how I managed to write a song using ‘Sherlock Holmes’. I don’t think there are too many songs out there with the same title either.

This is one of the few songs that I’ve actually written with a lead guitar part that goes on throughout the whole song. So when I play it live, I have to hum the riff at the start. More worthless trivia for you guys :p

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