A dent in the door.

So this morning I woke up to a dent in the passenger door of my car. Nothing much to say except I felt like this the whole day.

I kept thinking to myself, ‘if I ever catch the fucker who did this, I’d smash the car into his face’.

Seriously, what do people gain from vandalizing other people’s cars? Fine, maybe there’s some satisfaction if they did something like double park and blocked your exit. But I didn’t do anything to this guy, whoever he was. I was parked in the same spot I’ve been parking at for the past few years and never had any trouble with anybody before.. BAH. I can’t even bring myself to write about it. Anyways I gotta spend some money to get it fixed. I have no evidence to file a police report. I can’t claim insurance without losing my NCP, so guess I’ll have to fork out money to get it fixed.


In other news, I should be playing at cloth and clef this Saturday night (if it’s on..i’ll have to confirm it) Come check out the show if you’re free.

EDIT, I’ll be playing tonight 🙂

6 thoughts on “A dent in the door.”

  1. maybeeee! someone accidentally opened their car door into it.
    why don’t you NOT fix it?

    the guy you drew looks preeeety indian but thats because of the ‘tache

    smile porgie =] x

  2. ohh noo a dent on ur celica??its a sign dude time to sell it and get a proper rear wheel drive car!!btw i left my email address purposely so dont think i make such a flawless mistake when i did a ultimate punk on u which you didnt post on ur blog how frigging sad

  3. omg George, why is someone always hurting your car sometime somehow and somewhere… poor you 🙁 well I really hope they people would stop…

    Haven’t talk to you in a long time, hope you’re doing ok on the other side, George 🙂

  4. vanessa : no they didn’t- my car was parked at least 1.5m away from the car next to me. evil bastards I tell you!
    and I didn’t assume any race- I just put a ‘stache cos it made him look shadier. haha

    Tyler : the person could even be Swedish since I didn’t see who he/she was

    Reta : thanks. your interviews are a good read too 🙂

    Chung Sin : real men drive trucks

    Jakk : I don’t know 🙁 my car is a hurt magnet. haha
    I’ve been alright, just busy with work and life as is everyone else 😛


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