Train Tracks

While waiting for the train this morning, one dude just fainted (from the heat perhaps.. it was a scorching morning) and fell head first onto the train tracks. I think everyone gasped and once they realized that he wasn’t getting up, a whole group of guys (5-7 men? I didn’t count) jumped onto the track and put him back on the platform.

Good thing the train was still quite a distance away when the man fell down. The guy woke up a short while later, got up and looked clueless, as if he had no idea he fell. Awhile later some station staff came and took him away. They ‘unpaused’ the train, and I got onto it. Shocking and depressing shit first thing in the morning. The whole journey I kept thinking about ‘what if he died?’. The way his head hit the track, I was surprised he even survived it.

I was late for work again.

As I was discussing with Jacinth earlier (omg I name dropped you!) I learnt something new:
Despite all those signs around the train tracks- they will not electrocute you if you go on the tracks! Weird huh!? We’ve been brought up all our lives (well at least I know I was) to believe that going on a track would kill you. Either way, electrocuting or not, it’s not a wise idea to go on train tracks :p

I deserve a bad citizen award.
Instead of rushing over to help the man, I just stood there and watched the other people do it. I do feel guilty about it. Hopefully next time I’ll do something instead of just watching. Oh wait.. let’s just hope there’s no next time. I think seeing one man fall head first onto the track is enough for a life time.

I wonder if any other morning Setiawangsa LRT users read this blog. haha

10 thoughts on “Train Tracks”

  1. Hahahah! I think I would have stood there and watched too! Cuz I doubt my height will allow me to get out from the tracks. Oh wait, did he get injured?

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  3. You’re right about the electric thingy. That’s the first thing I was thinking about when I read it. “So did he get zapped??”.

    Btw, if you’re a “bad citizen” as you say, you should have snapped pictures for the star! RM50 !!…I’m such a bad citizen :p

  4. Lol, i’m surprised even 5 to 6 ppl bothered to help him, being in malaysia and all… you’d almost expect them to jump in there and take his wallet

  5. Iris : yeah, glad I didn’t have to see someone die early in the morning.

    Setiawangsa LRT user : hey chung sin, I don’t think you can see me from Australia πŸ˜‰

    GIn : o_o

    M : he didn’t look injured.. but I’m pretty sure he took some damage from the fall.

    H. : no, I’m not interested.

    Kinson : there’s a shit load of things I thought about snapping and sending to the star haha, but I never remember to

    TJ : spot on assumption man. hahaha

  6. i’m not sure if this is what you were experiencing, but i studied the Bystander Effect in college. it basically theorizes that the more bystanders that are present in an emergency, the higher chances there are of each bystander not doing anything in the hopes that someone else will take action on behalf of everybody else. i’ve been a victim of the effect more than once, and i feel terrible about it too! The fault of a natural psychological reaction. πŸ˜›

    I’ve always wondered about cases where people end up on the tracks for whatever reason, but never expect it to actually happen. what a close call for the poor dude!

    btw, thanks for comin’ round to my blog πŸ˜› nice to meet ya!

  7. disco-very : this bystander theory.. sounds about right. such a bad thing though. People should just make train tracks safe for humans πŸ˜›

    thanks for dropping by, blog-name-of-the-year award winner!


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