addressing the lack of updates

And so, I haven’t written anything new here in ages. The occasional gig update here and there, and random post once in awhile. I’ve just been busy doing so many things I haven’t felt like sitting down in front of the computer and putting my thoughts down into words. Anyway, this blog isn’t dead.. not yet anyway, but I’m going to spend less time (than I’ve already been doing haha) on it- I’ll still keep it updated with gig info (there’s always facebook for that as well if you don’t check this blog regularly). And when I do start posting.. well I will start posting. My blog isn’t my biggest priority in life right now. Got loads of shit going on, as well as loads of fun to be had.

In other news, I won the acoustic showdown at urban attic, and I won a free song recording. I recorded A Million Different Weddings, and I have uploaded it onto myspace. It should be downloadable there. If you can’t get it, just ask me to email it to you. I’ll upload it onto a file sharing site as well, soon. Finally, a studio recorded song available for download! It’s kinda raw, but it’s of good enough quality for your listening pleasure. Spread the word, share it with all your friends! I’ll try to get the song out on radio etc. Hopefully it’s good enough to be picked up 😀

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