Gig #28

Thanks to everyone who came and supported me on Wednesday 😀 you guys were awesome. I love you all!!!
Anyway, as you know, the winners of the showdown will get to perform a full 45 minute set this coming Wednesday (10th of June) at 10pm, Urban Attic, Cap Square KL. Hope to see you guys there!

And for those who’ve never heard 2storeyheart before, or if you wanna introduce someone to my music, come for the show! Bring your friends! and family! I’ll be doing quite a number of songs on the night! I haven’t finalized my set list yet, and I’m open to suggestions. If you wanna see me play a song, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to include it in the set list (if it isn’t already there).

The facebook invite for the event is here. On Monday I’ll be heading to the Wasp studios to get a song recorded 😀 I’m not sure how many songs I’m gonna be doing, but I’m pretty pumped to do it!

And thanks to Vanessa for recording this video of me:

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  1. after watching the video, i went through your older post abt this song, and i think the story behind and the wedding tune add alot of souls to it. plus, the chorus is catchy. 🙂


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