All Time Low

You know the period of time after a haircut, when your hair reaches the length that is impossible to manage? It’s too long to spike up, yet too short to be left alone to fall down. And no matter which way you style it, you still end up looking like you got hit in the face with an ugly stick?

Yeah, I’m going through that right now.

So you say, how do you solve that problem? Well, from the following chart which I made up:

we can see that I have two options- cut my hair again, thus resetting the graph, or just wait it out till my hair grows longer. Since I’m not in the mood for a haircut, I’ll be keeping it long again. How long will it take? Well it depends on whether the hair growing tips on Wikihow work or not. Just kidding.

Anyways, you can see that you can’t keep your hair too long or you’ll end up looking like an unkempt beggar in petaling street.

Hope this post saves some lives out there! (note: this chart doesn’t apply to girls- they can usually carry off all sorts of different hair-lengths)

(EDIT : i just realized that this chart is for me, and not everybody- some people look really good with short, next to bald hair i.e. Scofield (right Vanessa?!) and some people look good with really long hair as well haha, so this chart can’t apply to everybody, but it can be used as a rough guideline- the first low will be the ‘mid-life’ of your hair where it’s too long/short, and the second low will be there only if you don’t look good with long hair. Wow, long edit :p)

7 thoughts on “All Time Low”

  1. hehe check out alvins hair lookin like a vagina, on my blog ;p ITS TOO LONG ALVIN!
    naaaissseee πŸ™‚

    leave ur hair alone


  2. Haha It’s funny ‘cos it’s true. Currently my cycle has reached the bottom of that trough on your graph. I reckon we have the same cycle.

    Ah well, I’m just thankful I still have a fair bit of hair on my head unlike some of my follicly challenged friends πŸ˜‰

  3. LOL, you sure you’re not talking about my hair bro=D It seems to follow that exact same chart=D The only diff is my post-cutting isn’t as bad as having it too long. I might have to have another trim before I see my gf again next month…

  4. vanessa : i don’t need to see pictures to know that! haha

    Van1ty : ‘fo sure!

    Bookmaker : beards are the new black haha

    Yang : well, I’m not that abnormal or anything, I guess my hair could apply to a whole bunch of people hahaha


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