Traffic cops are a menace.

Traffic cops are a fucking menace. Never in my life have I ever exclaimed to myself, “thank God there was a traffic cop!” When are they ever helpful? NEVER!

Why are they there to replace perfectly working lights? I understand the reasoning for them to be there when the lights are broken. But when they’re not?! Since when can a man do a machine’s job better? The fucking machine was built for this very purpose. A machine that doesn’t know anything other than to regulate traffic flow. Its very reason for existing is to guide cars! And this cop can do it better?!

It would be funny to see a traffic light kill a traffic cop. Even if I was the one who rammed into the traffic light and made it fall onto the policeman. Serves him right for trying to ‘ease traffic flow’.

Everyone knows that traffic police are rookies anyways. These guys should be given better things to do– like patrolling the streets looking for mat rempits to strangle rather than wasting their time breathing in carbon monoxide in the middle of rush hour traffic.

I realized I wrote about traffic cops awhile ago as well. See how much they infuriate me?! Even now, 5 months later, things haven’t changed.

5 thoughts on “Traffic cops are a menace.”

  1. I so agree with you, George… When ever there’s a jam infront of my apartment (which goes all the way till Federal Highway), there’s no doubt that I’ll be seeing a frigging traffic police at the junction later, THEY’RE PEST!!!

    I too could not understand why are they there when the lights are working fine and all they’ll do is cause unnecessary jam…

    If I am THE TRAFFIC LIGHT, I’ll try to kill the traffic police for robbing my value and purpose of existence XP

  2. Ishould be siding you here, but you do realise that if there wasnt a traffic cop at the scene of the jam, it would be even worse. Traffic lights change at a predetermined interval. But that set period of time might not work in the favour of, lets say, a congested road. For example, it would give an empty street 1min, and give the same alloted amount of time for a packed road. Yes, a machine can do a better job. But in this case, the machines arnt doing much of a job either. And afterall, the cops are only human. Maybe you should be a little more patient, or move to Switzerland (I’m assuming a country like that would have minimal traffic congestion. Haha).

  3. Jakk : exactly! we should lead a traffic light rebellion!

    Van1ty : i’ve been using the same road to work for i-don’t-know-how-long, and EVERYTIME there are no cops, there is no jam at all. When there are cops, there is a jam for sure. The thing about traffic police is when they let one lane go, they create a backlog in another lane, and all this slowly builds up, especially on roads when there are supposed to be no traffic lights in the first place.

    If cops wanted to police traffic, they should place cops along ALL affected roads and co-operatively control traffic. And they should only do it for roads with lights.

  4. omG! On ma way 2 d cinema just now the cops or traffic cops, i dunno, stopped the traffic for about 10 mins cuz the Agong or King or sumfin was here… MAde me miss the 1st 15 mins of my movie. Damn dat sux!


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