Dreams are meant to be shared.

And so the other night I had this crazy ass dream and I managed to remember most of it! Since I’m bad with words, I decided to do some illustrations to go along with them.

Yeap you guessed right, there is a part 2 that I will post when I’m done editing. 😛

8 thoughts on “Dreams are meant to be shared.”

  1. HAHAHA, this dream of yours is filled with dirty yaois =w= and so nice of you to do this with picture!

    Btw, have you ever peed into the sink before…?

  2. meng yen : we’ll see about that haha

    Alvin : yea, totally.. lol

    moy : it’s called laziness. haha nah, i drew the stickman form first and thought it looked good enough, so i didn’t bother with my character

    Jakk : you’re welcome! and no i haven’t done it before.. as far as i can remember.. haha

    Bookmaker : lol thanks. and no it didnt turn into a real life bed wetting episode!

    Spyda : sketched in alias sketchbook and colored in photoshop

    Van1ty : *gasp* you’ve discovered my terrible secret! haha


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