Austin 2019: Ramen Head

Landed in Japan safely! After being approached by the staff with a welcome sign – they wanted me to provide documentation for Snuggles. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to go see her. Sad. I wonder what’s going through her mind right now.

Think about it – imagine if you were thrown into a cage, carted around in a large building with unfamiliar, then taken away from the only people you know and then stored in a waiting room for an unspecified amount of time (dogs don’t have watches, neither do they know the time for the flights – how long they need to wait for the flight or how long the flight is going to take). You get on a plane surrounded by other crates and maybe some pets (unlikely since I didn’t see anybody else checking in a pet at the counter). You don’t know where you’re going, or what the sensation of going up into the air means. It must be harrowing.

You land, you think it’s over – but no, you’re still in your cage and brought out to another area. You don’t get to see your master just yet. You wait for an unspecified amount of time until it’s time to fly again. It’s like a neverending nightmare. I hope she’s not too stressd out. Snuggles, if you somehow find a way to access my blog, read and understand English, stay strong. We love you, and we’ll be together soon!

Besides my incessant worrying about my dog, I did manage to enjoy myself a bit. Since I have ten hours here in Narita, I had breakfast at the airport. Tomita Ramen – yes, the very same one that was featured in the documentary, Ramen Head. Now I have no idea if this holds a candle up to the original restaurant, but for what it’s worth, the ramen was fucking great. Hands down the best Tsukemen I’ve ever had. I wish the broth was hotter to counteract how cold the noodles were, but maybe it was meant to be served this way. The fact that I didn’t have to queue up at 5am to get a bowl of noodles was a plus. Regardless, I enjoyed my meal a lot and hope to eat it again in the future.

It has started drizzling (typing this post outdoors right now, the weather is chilly/great – 12 degrees celcius. Good thing I have a hoodie. And a beanie. It’s been a while since I’ve worn it. Until my next update.

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