Automated Teller Machine Machine

You know how when you’re in a rush, there’s always someone in your way? Like when you have to be somewhere, you’ll be stuck behind a driver that’s not paying attention to the traffic light. Or you’ll be behind people who don’t know that the right lane on the escalator is for people to walk. Or there will be people taking their time to pay for their tickets at the ticket machine.

But one thing I’ve encountered more than any other situation is people taking their sweet, sweet time at the ATM. It doesn’t matter if I’m in a rush or not but for some reason, there’s always somebody there before me. And he or she will take their time admiring their account balance or constantly try transactions over and over again despite failing the past three times.

I don’t get it – if you’re using a public facility and someone is behind you, shouldn’t you do your best to finish your task as soon as possible?

And why do people take so long to do their tasks at ATMs anyway? There’s not a whole lot of things you can do, and if you’re not there to just withdraw cash, you’re doing it wrong like I used to. There have been times when I knew that I had a lot of transactions to do (this was before I discovered the wonders of online banking), and I would always let the people behind me use the machine before I hogged it for myself.

Now that almost everything else can be accomplished online, there’s really no reason to use an ATM unless you need the bills. Anyway, I can’t wait until we can go fully cashless in this country or stores start letting you withdraw money when you use your card. That would be rad.

In other news, Public Bank recently upgraded their ATM/debit cards – I can now use Paywave with my debit card. I guess it’ll make it easier to accidentally pay for stuff in the future (yes, it happened to me before, topkek mate).

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