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Let’s speak in breaths ’cause we can say more without using words and you’re my favorite topic

Stages And Stereos is one of those bands that haven’t really broken out despite churning out top notch tracks for years. If you’re a fan of pop punk/emo with solid vocals, lyrics and hooks, look no further. An added bonus if you’re into sad songs because these guys know how to write them.

Stages And Stereos – Save It For Someone Else

Their first EP’s Save It For Someone Else is a song I’ve been listening to on repeat for years – I got into them when I was feeling down and haven’t stopped listening to it since then. Every time I listen to the chorus, I can’t help but wail along. It’s so good:

So go ahead and jump the gun
But stop acting like you care
You’ve got the fakest smile I’ve ever seen
And oh God, you wear it out
And we never talk about this
You’re letting yourself go

Stages And Stereos have been consistently releasing EPs over the years and they’ve taught me to appreciate the value of shorter releases. No full-length albums means that these guys don’t have any filler tracks. All their songs are great, and I guess it has also allowed them to stay relevant in the saturated scene by not disappearing from it.

Daniel Lancaster (their singer) is also related to Jason Lancasater (Mayday Parade/Go Radio). They don’t sound very alike, but they’re both talented vocally and make the same kind of music. If you’re a fan of Jason’s music, give these guys a go, you won’t be disappointed. They play some pretty sick acoustic sets too. Here are some of my favorite Stages And Stereos songs:

Stages And Stereos – Small Town Favorites

Stages And Stereos – More Than Memories

Stages And Stereos – All Or Nothing

Stages And Stereos – Dear You, Love Me

Stages And Stereos – B-Side

Stages And Stereos – Pressure Under Fire

Stages And Stereos – 1990

Stages And Stereos – Coup De Grace

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