Digging through your hard disk yields hidden treasures

So I was cleaning up my hard disk and came across this video. I had no idea I even had it, and well here it is:

Win Yew and George singing Saosin’s I Can Tell.. in the key of off-key major. lol

This was taken on the way to college about a year ago if I remember correctly.

Oh, and the trailer for the cartoon I’ve been working on in Inspidea is finally up! Check it out!
Goddamn I’m proud of it! Can’t wait till its out and hopefully there’s kick-ass merch for me to collect. Combo Ninos uniform, anybody? or Ninos plushies? šŸ˜›

9 thoughts on “Digging through your hard disk yields hidden treasures”

  1. HAHAHAHAHA, OMG you 2 must have enjoyed youselves so bad in the car!

    And the trailer of Combo Ninos really reminds me of ZUMA the froggy game you know? It’s great! I can’t wait to see it šŸ˜€

  2. Why does Win Yew consistently sound like a retard? So funny! Hahaha. I remember we repeated I Can Tell like 20 times in your car once. So goood…

  3. Wow ~ the trailer looks really impressive man.

    Anyway, I’m just nitpicking, it’ll be good if there’s some sort of preloading for the flash file before playing it cos the trailer kinda stuck halfway and started jerking because my beloved streamyx couldn’t load fast enough to stream it. šŸ™‚

  4. meng yen : it was taken a year ago!

    Jakk : can’t wait till its out too!

    Van1ty : hahaha.. I still listen to it on repeat

    jessica : thanks šŸ™‚

    sam* : nonsense, I bet you secretly enjoyed it!

    N’Drew : haha, we had nothing to do with the file- it wasn’t hosted by us, but the company we did the animation for. I forgot to mention to click the video to pause it to load.

    moy : magic players. haha

    Alvin : soon, soon!


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