Gig #80: RAWR!!! The Gig: The Awesome Party

RAWR!!! The Gig: The Awesome Party

If you want to buy shirt, tattoo yourself, or just listen to awesome music from the local scene – you’re in luck. Tonight’s instalment of RAWR is going to be what you’re looking for:

RAWR!!! The Gig: The Awesome Party

RAWR!!! The Gig is back again! A monthly series that encourages younger musicians and artistes to share their music with the world!

Held at the cozy neighborhood cafe in Bandar Utama, Paradox Art Cafe has been the hub for new musicians to mingle.

This month, we’re celebrating and making it a little bit more glamorous and adventurous! We’re having 21 bands, awesome clothing brands and TATTOOS!

Here are the bands:

1.) Relent
2.) SOG
3.) Pnormal
4.) The Jespers
5.) SOAP
6.) Neo Ann Na
7.) Gabriel Lim
8.) Past Times And Tragedies
9.) I Lost The Plot
10.) 2storeyheart
11.) Ray Cheong
12.) Skyward
13.) Greg Ramanado
14.) The 12 Project
15.) Kathryna
16.) Choong Hou
17.) Daniel Yoong & Friends
18.) Heart Meets Hurricane
19.) Jumero
20.) Skydive
21.) Radius Khor
22.) Shaneil Devaser

Here are the clothing brands:

1.) Mars & Venus
2.) Evac apparel
3.) Peter Says Denim

Here are the tattoo artists:

1.) Allanstair from Pengayau Tattoo, Kuching
2.) Morn
3.) Parn
4.) Maxen

***RM20 comes with a complimentary soft drink.

***There is NO COVER CHARGE if you’re just here for the tattoos and clothes! Come hang out with everyone and let your ears be pleased!

***Tattoo-ing beings at 10am!

RAWR!!! The Gig started out as a live acoustic music series where punk bands were encouraged to revamp themselves for an acoustic set.

However, seeing the need for all sorts of genres of music to be heard, the concept has evolved to what it is today which is – a platform for any musician to showcase their original music (or covers).

Some may not have the opportunity so here I am creating one for YOU!

If you or a friend would love to showcase your music, this is the place for you! Get in touch with me and I will give you a slot. This is a platform of discovery and I’d like you to be a part of it!


For directions to Paradox Cafe:

1. If you’re coming from SS2 on the LDP, turn LEFT to One Utama Old Wing (if you’re coming from Kepong or BSD, turn RIGHT under the flyover)

2. Go straight, and you will reach a traffic light where you turn RIGHT to One Utama New Wing. Make that RIGHT turn.

3. Go straight, and you will come to another set of traffic lights where if you turn right, you will head to One Utama New Wing’s Car Park. DON’T TURN RIGHT.

4. Right after the traffic light, take the FIRST LEFT.

5. After about 100 meters, you will see a lonely standalone row of shops that appears as if out of nowhere – that’s the Oasis Complex. Paradox is located on the First Floor, on the left, above the RIB Shop.

-Darren AHM

My slot should be at 10pm, and I get to play for 30 minutes – it’s been awhile since I’ve done a set that long, but I’m looking forward to it! Hope to see some familiar faces tonight, it’s going to be awesome. <3

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