Gig #79: Minut Init X Pearly Wong

So, I renewed my domain name and webhosting for today because I decided – if I pay for something, I’m more likely to use it. I’ve talked a lot in the past about updating more often, writing what’s on my mind, changing my header etc etc etc but I haven’t been doing that. Why? Four letters.

No it’s not L-O-V-E, but more like D-O-T-A. Haha. Yes, I’ll admit it, I play the game too much for my own good. I watch streams. I’m on r/dota2 daily. I’m a self-confessed DOTA2 addict. I’m not going to harp too much on that, but that’s basically the reason why I haven’t been blogging. Anyway, my graphics card died yesterday and so I thought I’d take this opportunity to write something.

I’ve been keeping busy with work – it’s the start of a new quarter, so there’s loads of things to plan for and do. I was confirmed last month, so yay – I can no longer quit so easily. Not like I’m planning to quit my job any time soon (haha).

In terms of life out of work, it’s been up and down – good and not so good, but that’s a tale for another day.

Well, I’m here to announce that I’m playing tomorrow (woot!) at Minut Init Studio Galleria (it’s an art gallery in Uptown PJ) for a friend’s fashion showcase. It’s going to be a half-hour set – and there’s also a dance performance (not by me, of course). I’ve never done anything like this before, so it should be an interesting experience! If you find the time, do drop by and come singalong!

Minut Init X Pearly Wong
Minut Init Studio Galleria
29B, JALAN SS21/37, UPTOWN DAMANSARA UTAMA, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

On the 6th of April, Minut Init Studio will be transformed into a fashion space with designer Pearly Wong’s Installation Work in One Studio and the F/W 13 Collection Fashion Show in another. It will be a night of experiments with performance art, fashion, music and exploration of ideas where ART meets Fashion.

Music by : Two Storey Heart[sic]
Performance Art by : Jennifer Lai Fung Yen
Food by : Kel’s Bakery
Showcase by : Clutch that Bag

Event Sponsor : IMAG, Heineken

Time: 7.00pm
Entry fee: Free!

Btw if you’re wondering why it’s gig #79, it’s because I played at my sister’s wedding and an impromptu open mic a couple of weeks ago so it’s +2 to my gig count 😀

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