Home Sweet Home

So, after spending weeks away from home, I’ve finally moved back to my own place. Those dudes built back the roads faster than I imagined. I guess even Malaysians can be hardworking sometimes.. haha

Spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday performing at Soul Cafe (this gospel hall opposite Starbucks in Bangsar Telawi 3) which was pretty fun. It was a good experience playing 3 nights in a row, especially on the second night when I teamed up with Darren (An Honest Mistake) and Ronnie, and we improvised backing vocals for each other 😀

Anyways, I’m just here to plug my gig this weekend: I’ll be headlining Doppelganger KL on the 28th of December, Marketplace KL, so do come watch! Bring your friends! Bring hot girls! (for Andre). For more details click here, or talk to me on facebook (George Wong).

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