Just put something down dammit. Stop erasing and rewriting your words. I’ve been telling myself that for the past 20 minutes. You don’t accomplish anything by doing nothing. Just start, don’t stop, let it flow.

I’ve never traveled so much before in my life. When I signed up for this job, I had no idea there was going to be so much traveling involved. First it was local, then interstate, then to Indonesia, the US, and now, Thailand. Next week, I’ll be in the UK and the following month I’ll be in Indonesia again.

Currency. Why do we need different currencies? Why can’t life be a video game. Let’s just all use gold coins. Or ringgit notes (kek). Until now, I haven’t gotten used to counting money in Indonesian Rupiahs. Why do they have so many zeroes? I think they can truncate three zeroes and their currency would still function properly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything cost 1 IDR.

I finally took the plunge and invested in a proper luggage bag. Wow, what a difference it makes. Now, I just throw all my shit I want to bring into the bag. I don’t have to compromise on my items anymore. Also, it’s so much fun pushing my bag compared to getting straps digging into my shoulders. I guess I should have invested in one a long time ago.

After all these years, I think I can fully use my whole passport. I think now I’ll be able to renew it because I ran out of pages – not because it expired.

I wonder what Snuggles thinks of when I’ve been away for so long. What goes through her mind? I hope she doesn’t get upset. That would be terrible. I’d rather she forget that I existed instead of being sad and waiting for me to return.

Sometimes I wish I could be in two places at once.

The other day I dreamt that my elder sister and my friends organized a birthday party for me – on her own birthday. Confusing right? What’s worse is that I forgot it was her birthday and she was upset about it. In my dream, I was telling everybody thanks for coming to my birthday party. I woke up feeling guilty and confused. Why would you organize someone else’s birthday party on your own birthday?!!

My next gig will be number 100. I hope I get to do something before the end of the year!

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