Movie Review: Just Go With It

Just Go With It
Just Go With it is about a cosmetic surgeon, Danny (Adam Sandler) who uses his wedding ring as leverage to get girls into bed with him. His tactic proves to be so successful; it gets him into trouble when he meets the girl of his dreams, Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) – or so he thinks. Enlisting the help of his assistant in the clinic, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), Danny fabricates a crumbling marriage just to get together with Palmer. As usual, things never go according to plan.

Just Go With It has the hallmarks of your typical Adam Sandler movie – hot girl, kids, and the nonstop assault of jokes. So in essence, the movie delivers but it definitely isn’t one of Adam Sandler’s best ones. Adam Sandler as Dr. Danny is entertaining as usual, and so is Jennifer Aniston as Katherine. Brooklyn Decker is a pretty new face in the industry, and her good looks will get her places but she doesn’t really shine in terms of acting. The supporting cast does a great job, especially Katherine’s kids (Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck) – hopefully they’ll get more roles in the future. Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews are pretty funny as well.

Overall, it’s nothing much to shout about, but you’ll definitely have loads of fun watching this film. Just don’t expect a storyline more complex than getting from point A to point B and you’re set. But after watching the movie, you can’t help feel like age is catching up with Adam Sandler – his jokes seem to be much more family-oriented these days. Let’s hope he doesn’t lose his edge. Just Go With It gets a 6/10.

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