Been awhile since I drew some ninjas

Have you ever noticed that in cartoons/shows/whatever, people always say shit like ‘Full speed ahead!’ or ‘Maximum power!’. Nobody ever says ‘Half throttle the power! We need to conserve fuel!’

If nobody ever says anything else besides ‘maximum power’, doesn’t ‘maximum power’ become redundant?

There’s some food for thought :p

EDIT : forgot to post this picture I drew:

4 thoughts on “Ninjas!”

  1. Ohhh, that means you haven’t watched any of the Gundam series! I’ve seen many Gundam show with ships that actually move with EXTREME caution and precision, with the female captain even going as far as “increase engine output by 10%, decrease pitch angle by 20 degrees, head 35 degrees right and duck under that asteroid, dodge and intercept incoming missiles, aim portside cannons and don’t hit the enemy ship’s bridge! While you’re at it, get my a half-whip double froth latte and Eggs Benedict.”


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