There’s a first time for everything..

Remember the first time you stayed over night at your office cos you had work to do?

Neither have I.
Its 2.11 AM and here I am at the internet terminal in the office blogging about staying over night in the office.

Good thing I had some spare cushions in the car. Hope I won’t wake up with a back ache.

Boy, do deadlines suck or what?

9 thoughts on “There’s a first time for everything..”

  1. Make sure your boss pay you guys well to work OT!! When deadlines aren’t met, that’s your boss’ problem. He can’t expect you guys to work like machines. Are not you guys humans?

  2. Thanks for pointing out the obvious SmartWorker. We truly appreciate the advice. We wouldnt have known all that if not for you. =D

  3. No problem Van1ty. Let’s just say that I have been working for many years and have seen what bosses done to their staff, especially if you are a fresh grad.

    To them it is for their own profit that could hire grads who are willing to work extra hours for little pay, or sometimes no OT pay. It’s an employers’ market here in our country, sad to say. Sometimes, or rather most of the times, employees do not fight back when they are treated like machines that have to work round the clock. Demand from your bosses, do not be afraid, we all have the equal rights as employees. Never let bosses the advantage of you just because you are young and fresh, though many promises they might have made to *motivate* you.

    Remember to read your appointment letter or contract agreement carefully before starting a job. When you work beyond the stated working hour, by right you should be paid for your OT. Your company does not pay your whole life to work for them cos at the end of the day it is NOT your own business after all. You should have other priorities in life apart from work, especially when you grow older.

    We all have to work to earn a living. Some work for passion. But remember, to be passionate about your work does not mean you will need to sacrifice your life for the company that does not belong to you. If you are not paid accordingly, you will starve, but the company will still be making big money. Yes, sometimes we have to give and take. But again do not let bosses take advantage of you just because you are fresh, young and full of energy. So, work smart, not hard. Spend more time developing your OWN portfolio.

    Hope this is not a lecture. I wish you guys all the best in your work!


  4. Van1ty : only n00bs don’t stick to deadlines! thats why they don’t get anything done haha

    SmartWorker : thanks alot for your advice. I was working OT by my own will, I wasn’t forced by the boss- I didn’t work enough during the week so I had to suffer for one night.. haha

  5. Just like when you were a kid, the teacher praised you for your well done work, you would continue to do well. But now that you are working for a company, when the boss praises you for stay back late, would it then motivate you to continue staying back late on weekdays and come back on weekends too for FREE? Your boss must be thinking ‘these grads are really easy to cheat! Brother, this is HIS company, HIS business. Don’t be fooled by boss sweet talks. If you are working beyond the working hour, that simply mean the company owes you your wages! IT IS ALL BUSINESS, NOTHING PERSONAL! Kid, take my word for it, you may not understand what I say now, but I bet you will someday….

  6. is still young and dumb so it will take some time for him to learn things dun blame him for his stupid is a boot licker…


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