Paused Thoughts/Gig #91

It’s been about three months since I started blogging on a daily basis (well more like 5 posts a week) and I usually have no issues putting my thoughts down into words. Today is the first time I’m having trouble thinking of what to write about.

So I decided to write a post about not having anything to write about. I wonder why that happens. It’s not like your mind ever goes blank. There are infinite things to think about. There is no way you can ever finish thinking. Even when you die, you don’t finish thinking about things – you just stop. Maybe if you’re brain damaged, you might have reduced capacity to think of things. But even then, it’s unlikely you’ll finish thinking about every single thing.

But then why do we encounter writer’s block? If it’s because writing is hard and requires physical effort? What about having nothing to say when out on a date or trying to mingle at a party? It’s not that hard to think of things to say.

Sometimes we don’t say things because it won’t be appropriate it. Other people might find it offensive. Or weird. Or stupid. And then you wish that you hadn’t said anything at all. Maybe that’s why we keep quiet. Or refuse to put words down onto a page. Because we’re afraid of what other people think.

Or maybe I’ve just been writing way too much and need to take a break.

I’ll think about it.

Also, I wanna announce that I’ll be performing at Grind 22 in Bangsar again this Sunday. It’s going to be an afternoon gig (4-7pm) so do drop by if you have the time! Other performers include: Brendan, Fikri, Hilmi, and Endee. See you guys there <3.

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