Cold Cash and Colder Hearts

I first discovered this band alongside Coheed and Cambria on the MTV Road Rules compilation. The Thrice song was “See You In The Shallows” and my god, was that song amazing. As usual, like with every band I have come to love, I went looking for more of their music. I discovered a handful of songs from the band through SoulSeek (or was it Kazaa? I don’t remember) and was hooked. I think it was around the time when they had just released their single “All That’s Left” which made me drop money without hesitation for their The Artist In The Ambulance album at a CD store.

Thrice – All That’s Left

That CD was probably the ultimate driving soundtrack. It’s been over 10 years since I first listened to it, and I still have it in my car. Thrice sure knew how to write fist pumping, energetic music for you to scream your lungs out to. Also great for air guitar sessions in traffic jams. Teppei Teranishi was sick on guitars.

Thrice – See You In The Shallows

My interest in Thrice kinda waned after the release of Vheissu (when they started becoming mellow) but I continued checking out their newer music. The band has definitely mellowed down a lot and are more chill than they were when they burst onto the scene (old age does that, I guess?). I didn’t appreciate it then, but a year or two ago, I relistened to their slower stuff and realized that it was good. Very good.

I guess their music (like Brand New for me) aged like fine wine. Or whiskey. Yeah, I think more like whiskey. I still prefer their earlier records over the later ones but I’m no longer mad they ‘changed their style’.

The band went on hiatus in 2012 and reunited this year but they haven’t released any new material yet. Hopefully they’ll do so in the near future, in the meantime you can check out their existing catalog:

Thrice – T&C

Thrice – Deadbolt

Thrice – In Your Hands

Thrice – The Beltsville Crucible

Thrice – Phoenix Ignition

Thrice – The Artist In The Ambulance

Thrice – Stare At The Sun

Thrice – Paper Tigers

Thrice – Cold Cash and Colder Hearts

Thrice – The Melting Point Of Wax

Thrice – Red Sky

Thrice – Image Of The Invisible

Thrice – Digital Sea

Thrice – Disarmed

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