Petrol Blues

I noticed this post is about 1hour 24mins too late, but when I saved it on my phone it was before 12, so let’s pretend that you were reading it on the 5th of June.

You know what would be funny- they don’t raise the prices tomorrow!
What about the people who are filling petrol halfway- at the stroke of midnight- would the price change during mid-fill?
I think people burn so much fuel driving to the station, they don’t save any money at all

Okay, this post is pretty lame. And so are the jams caused by the kiasu people lining up for petrol. Good thing I haven’t been too dependant on my car lately, or I would be feeling a much more painful pinch :p

7 thoughts on “Petrol Blues”

  1. Spyda : 30 mins is nothing o_o

    aimee : good thing I’m not Malaysian hahahaha

    Chung Sin : lol.. don’t come back here then

    ana : Singaporeans used to be Malaysians haha


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