Politics Schmolitics

People say that I’m stupid not to vote. Or that I’m irresponsible and that people like me are the reason why our country is in such a sad state.

Then I started to think about it. Let’s say the battle is won/lost (depending on whether you support the government or not) by one vote. One vote. Technically it could have been my vote- but because I didn’t cast it, wait let me rephrase- exercise my rights because I live in a democratic country, one party lost/won. But then I thought some more- in a country that divided we’re pretty much fucked anyway. Nobody’s gonna make all their promises come true, and even if they do, it won’t necessarily make Malaysia a better country.

What if BN has been winning just because people believe in them? And that all the scandals and rumors you hear about were just stirred up by the opposition? Well until someone implements a voting system where you have to reveal to everybody who you’re voting for, nobody will truly know if the numbers have been tampered with or not.

Oops, strayed off topic there. Back to where I was- not voting. I’m not a fan of politics (makes me sound ignorant, I know) and don’t bother keeping up with any of that bullshit. Because I’m not blaming the current government for how our country is now, rather I would like to blame our ancestors. The ones who decided that ‘oh shit! Malaysia should be its own fucking country!’, ‘Yeah! Let’s get rid of the British!’, ‘I don’t think it’s a good idea, but we’ll have a country to call our own!’ and called for independence. Seriously.

What was so bad about being under British rule? Were they treating us badly? Were we slaves? Were they giving us a hard time? No, I don’t think so! I wasn’t alive back then, I wouldn’t know. But I’m pretty sure if they stayed on, we’d be a hell lot better than this sorry excuse of a country we have. The only thing good about being third world is that everything here is cheaper. And we have a lot of greenery (undeveloped areas lol).

But really, imagine if they didn’t set us free. Maybe we’d trading in Euros or Pounds. Maybe our government wouldn’t be so corrupt. Maybe we might have more cultured people. Maybe we wouldn’t have mat rempits. Maybe we would be buying Les Paul guitars real cheap. Maybe awesome bands would come down here. Maybe we might even be on the map.

The only things I ever hear people praise Malaysia about- the good food, the cheap (pirated) goods, and the nightlife. I guess all that makes Malaysia such a great country.

“The Federation of Malaya achieved independence from the United Kingdom on August 31, 1957.” Maybe the biggest mistake we ever made.

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  1. I won’t call you an idiot for choosing not to vote. Those morons who claim to support democracy also claim that people must follow their whims and fancies.

    However, you are an idiot for suggesting that we should not have had independence. All over the world, people fight for their independence, most of the time with blood.

    Don’t be a moron.

  2. well, it’s too late to play the blame game.
    u can’t change the past right, so do your part and change the future.
    if things don’t turn out the way u want them to, atleast u can say u did your part.

  3. Ouch. That was cold. Haha. And I actually feel we were more united once under british rule. Freedom = responsibility. I still don’t think we can handle it yet. =/

  4. Opposition has defeated the arrogant bunch of BN! At least they have been denied 2/3 majority, and that is GOOD NEWS!

    READY for a CHANGE in Malaysia!


  5. SmartWorker: I’m not offended or anything, but seriously, what did he do to you that was so bad. He may be the prime minister, but he’s still just human. You really have no right to judge someone elses intelligence. Afterall, you’re just another prime minister yourself right?

  6. i think u are right for once on this bit β€œThe Federation of Malaya achieved independence from the United Kingdom on August 31, 1957.” Maybe the biggest mistake we ever made.

  7. haha, nice one vincent!

    and georgie i’m writing this as i’m chatting to you on msn πŸ˜€
    in my opinion it’s a delicate matter and one that involves a quittee a bit of complexity at that. so i think it’s a little unfair that you be making such claims when you’re not politically-conscious to begin with.

  8. vincent : I thought we were talking about Malaysia here- did people shed blood for our independence? I think not..but thanks for your comments anyway.

    I guess I forgot to add in my post- we shouldn’t have declared independence before our country was developed. Its like wanting to run before they could even walk.

    rae : Thanks for stating the obvious- if we could change the past we’d be doing it now..

    Choosing not to vote doesn’t mean a thing if all the ‘answers’ aren’t what I’m looking for. Easy for you to say since you’re not sticking around this place anyway

    Van1tyq : Exactly!

    SmartWorker : good news? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the opposition do

    Chung Sin : lowprofile should have its own party! haha

    Jace : notice how i used ‘imagine’ and ‘maybe’ in my unfair claims? yeah, think about it πŸ˜‰

  9. dude… totally right about the country sucking ass part. You know alot of ppl told me i would miss malaysia when i’m gone. Well… i’m gone, and guess what, i dont’ miss it.

    In fact, we shouldn’t focus on things we can’t change… lets focus on things we can… like migrating.

    However, your one vote theory is wrong really. Its true that one vote doens’t change anything, but if millions thought that way, then we would miss out on a million votes… and a million votes does count. Not that I think malaysia is gonna make a big change in the next few years anyway.

  10. btw… if you were more involved in politics you’d know that BN sucks complete ass. Its not that i’m pro DAP or whatever, i’m not. I’m just anti-BN, its the government whose responsible for the sorry state malaysia’s in.

    Oh no… i guess they’re gonna ban my citizenship now, like that taiwanese dude. So much for freedom of speech.

  11. TJ : can I have your guitar if you’re banned from re-entering the country? hahaha

    well think of it this way- if one million people think like me, obviously the parties aren’t doing a very good job are they? lol

    thanks for your comments

    rae : there you go again

    xen0s : this is controversial?! lol

    Alvin and jtpa : love you guys too

    andre : hey buddy, I don’t know how a dick tastes like but that doesn’t mean i can’t crack jokes about blowjobs πŸ™‚

  12. To Van1tyq…

    I guess you are not politically-conscious, are you???

    Pls do you homework before even make judgement on my judgement on BN / PM.



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