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So, I was on facebook tonight, and I saw this ad which just made me crack up:

Holy shit, I actually let out a fart when I saw this picture!
I mean, seriously- a pro-blogger?

Okay, to all those bloggers who can make a living out of blogging, I respect you guys– you’ve done the seemingly impossible. To those of you trying to cash in on the ad trends, again, your decision. But my stance on ads isn’t gonna change. Firstly, I purposely paid for my own domain name just to not have ads. Do you ever remember the days when the term ‘blogging’ was unheard of, and people had ‘home pages’ instead?

Everyone was scouting for free hosts which had the smallest ads. The less intrusive or obstructive the ad, the better. And usually, the best hosts were the ones with the shitty URL (Brinkster I’m looking at you). While hosts like geocities/angelfire had subdomains within subdomains for your URL, which was another deciding factor in your free webhost.

Now we get people setting up blogs and putting ads on their blogs willingly. What the fuck happened?! Did I miss something here?? Maybe that’s why I’m broke all the time. (well with the measly traffic I get, a rm100 check that comes in every couple of months won’t do much to change the situation). But yeah, I pay rm120 a year, which is rm10 a month for my domain and hosting. I don’t think its alot to ask for an ad-free site.

In fact I don’t even think that people should be blogging for money if they’re just blogging for fun. I mean, really what’s the point? Maybe it’s good motivation to write. But where’s the passion in writing for yourself or for your readers then? That’s why I also hate ‘sponsored posts’. Seriously, like half the products or services these people write about- they don’t even use themselves!

And you know the best part about this post is? I didn’t even click on the pro-blogger’s link.

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  1. i saw his face and i want to click his link to spam him lol….

    yea i miss the days when blogs were called homepages instead…. it was a lot more fun and less cliche then. now every ah beng and ah lian is talking about how their life is in technicolor and TheEsE ^-^”

    if textemoticons were real i’d make them face the backspace key of my ugly boot.

  2. elo mr george that lupa kawan.. i came to visit ur blog as i am the one who doesnt lupa kawan! haha..

    anyway, saw the blogger.. and he is so.. ekkk! not cute!!! xp

  3. Philip Yong : that doesn’t mean they need to put ads on their blog

    jtpa : lol, don’t give him any more traffic than he deserves!

    Jacyln yang Cantik : like you’re very cute lah :p

    Van1ty : cos he’s not ‘pr0’. haha

    Kinson : more like ‘I’ve got a bad haircut I’d like to share with the world!’ lol

  4. It’s superficial and condescending to judge things and people just by appearance alone. What makes you think that you are a better person than him?

    I also find it distasteful when other people are mocked behind their back.

    We can all choose to put ads or otherwise on our blog – its called freedom of choice. In this instance it’s only ads but it could just easily be something like religion or strong views that some do wear on their sleeves. Learn to respect that and we’ll all learn to get along better in this world.

    Peace kiddo.

  5. why not you start a business without wanting to make any profit from it? you are the stupidest people on earth who properly think yourself as the cleverest. you can’t be wrong. what a good way to gain more traffic and make a name for yourself now that lilian just posted your link in her blog.

  6. by the way, to all the noob here.. pro means he makes a living blogging. pro does not necessary means he is very good at blogging. so all you noob please go back to school before commenting. tq.

  7. there’s no such thing as being a pro blogger. well, in my p.o.v.

    n funny how these ppl like anton get so uptight about it. lol

    but good for those who make a living out of ‘blogging’.

    pro-blogging. *snicker*

  8. I didn’t think this post would generate so many flames.

    Firstly, I would appreciate it if you read the whole post carefully instead of jumping to conclusions. If you actually took the time to read the entry, I was writing about my dislike of ads on blogs. Not bloggers who use ads.

    I clearly stated “Okay, to all those bloggers who can make a living out of blogging, I respect you guys– you’ve done the seemingly impossible. To those of you trying to cash in on the ad trends, again, your decision.”

    I was not looking down on bloggers with ads or being condescending in any manner. I have friends who put ads on their blog, I don’t have any beef with them.

    I seriously have no idea who the blogger is, and I still don’t. I now know his name and that’s about it.

    The only reason I have a picture of him is cos I saw it on facebook. And hell, that site has more hits a day then I will probably have in a year. I’m not picking on him- the picture could have been any other person and I would have still done the same thing.

    FH2o : I am not mocking him behind his back, like I said before– at the time of writing I didn’t even know who he was. You are free to link my blog to him if you wish, I have no qualms about it.

    For someone who feels mature enough to call me ‘kiddo’ I kinda expected more than that. Especially coming from someone who is preaching about ‘freedom of choice’.

    anton teoh : Now here is a perfect example of the kind of ignorant people you find on the internet. Grammatical issues aside (I’m not even going to try to bother), your points are stupid. Really.

    “pro does not necessary means he is very good at blogging.”
    thanks for shooting your own friend(?) in the back.

    “so all you noob please go back to school before commenting.”
    and thanks for insulting the people who read/commented on my blog.

    First you insult me. Then the dude you were supposedly defending, and then my readers. You expect me to take you seriously? Really? You gotta be fucking kidding me.

    I never asked Lilian to link me, it was her own choice. And there have been no noticeable increase in hits to my blog in case you were wondering. And just like you, the many others were quick to judge me without even reading it in the first place.

    Please get your shit together before saying anything.

    You know what, don’t even bother coming back here. No wait, go ahead, stir up some more shit, you’re not worth my time.

  9. Well look at it this way. He’s writing about Tech news and tips free for readers.

    He spends a lot of time on it. I’m happy for any money he gets for it because it means he can afford to do more of it 🙂

  10. Greetings! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this website? I’m getting fed up of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

  11. Kathrin Po : My blog is running on WordPress.. as for security I guess you just have to ask your webhost to beef up security, I have no advice for you on that topic 🙂


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