The other day when I was in Phuket, I was thinking about the ant I picked up from the beach and brought onto the boat (no it wasn’t on purpose, it somehow managed to crawl into my goggles). The ant probably had no idea where it was, or where it was going, and it sure as hell wasn’t gonna get back home (wherever that was) without another boat trip back. I brought an island ant back to the mainland. I wonder if it fit in with the other ants.

I remember a few years back when I was driving to college in the morning, I noticed there was a spider on my windshield. It stayed on the whole journey till I reached Cyberjaya. When I went back to my car after class, the spider was gone. I brought an Ampang spider to Cyberjaya. I wonder if he/she fit in.

I have no idea how to follow up to the previous two paragraphs. But I just thought I’d share how humans and animals work together to help each other migrate.

I mean imagine if Mr. Ant was having a shitty life in the island, being constantly picked on by the other ants. One day he tells the leader of his colony, ‘Fuck this shit! I’m leaving you and your fucking drones behind!’ And he jumps off a tree branch because he’d rather be dead than to go back where he was, so when he lands on some plastic surface which seems to carry him far away into the distance, it’s a miracle. It’s a blessing from the antgod.

Maybe Mr. Spider just got out of an 8 year relationship (do spiders live that long?!), and decides to commit suicide. He spins a web 4 stories high, and jumps off it. But instead of falling to his doom, he lands on the windshield of a black sports car which takes him far away into the distance. ‘I’d rather die than be with you!’ he yells at his ex as the car drives off. The spider starts a new life.

I guess that’s how and why animals migrate.

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  1. Sheena : who would’ve thought 🙂

    anucia : thanks! I never thought this post would touch so many lives 😛

    Chung Sin : I’m sorry, go back to your satria and stfu pls, tq

    jtpa : shoot em up needs some oscars quick

    Lynndy : let’s take the next ticket out of here to nowhere 🙂

    Alvin : coming from you, that means alot to me. HAHA.

  2. well at least my little satria will have more potential as its manual not a spastic automatic shitbox..i drive the car and u are driven by the car..see the difference biatch??

  3. haha..lolz when the heck did i tell u that i want to add evo bumper??lolz..u are just so funny george come on be realistic please..hhaha


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