A man I became.

Today I did the manliest thing ever– I changed my car’s CD player!
My Kenwood KDC-339S that I won on Lelong.com.my about a week ago came today and boy, I was as excited as a kid on crack!
After work I tried fixing it into my car but realized that it used a smaller sized connector than my previous CD player. So I decided to go to a mechanic to get it done. The workshop was closed by the time I reached it but I wanted to test the product! So being the adventurous (lol) guy I am, I decided to take matters into my own hands and get the job done myself.

This was the first time I had ever attempted such a thing on my car. Anyway to cut the long story short, I managed to rewire the connections and fixed the CD player successfully. It wasn’t too hard, but it was a tedious process- I had to make sure each wire was connected to the corresponding wire. The first time I turned on my car to test the player I thought I was gonna short circuit the whole car. Haha. I was such a n00b with the wire cutters- countless times I cut a wire instead of just stripping the outer layer off, but good thing I had a lot of room for error :p My wires kept getting lose (I had no duct tape, so I used the used duct tape from the old wires and masking tape haha). I hope the masking tape doesn’t catch fire. I’ll have to get some duct tape and replace the masking tape soon.

Wow, this was a fucking boring post. I have no idea why I even wrote it.

I now know how to install a car CD player! *levels up*

8 thoughts on “A man I became.”

  1. Hahaa, you wrote it cause you are excited about it and you want to share with others X3

    What’s your level now, after fixing the CD Player, hahaha. Congrats though :3

  2. moy : for recognizing my greatness you deserve a medal haha

    jtpa : lol at you

    Chung Sin : It’ll always be longer than yours.. Wait.. you have a pussy! Sorry, I didn’t mean to compare

    Alvin : my reply to Chung Sin can be directed towards you too

    Jakk : level 18. lol


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