When I had a girlfriend, all I seemed to complain about was about my girlfriend and work. Now that I don’t have a girlfriend anymore, all I ever complain about is work. Do people ever complain about studies? Nah, it’s not something you can really complain about. I mean people expect studying to be a pain in the ass, what else is there to complain about? Life?

But really, what is there to complain about life? I mean seriously, how bad can life be?
Maybe if you go out of the house one day, and you lose an arm to a freak accident. You come back home, you find cops are all over the place cos your dad is a terrorist and the car that he bought for you 18th birthday was actually going to be used in a car bombing attempt. Then you find out your mom is really an undercover cop and your real mom is actually a transvestite in India locked up for trying to bribe a judge. I guess that would be a pretty fucked up day. Though it would make a truly interesting book/movie.

Life gives you all sorts of choices. Each day you wake up, its like God rolled the dice for the day and your options get played out by you. Somedays you’re gonna roll 12 sixes in a row. Or maybe multiple ones. Whatever- it’s all random right? Then you get your challenges, and you decide how to solve them. Take the easy way? The long way? Sometimes you fail, sometimes you succeed.

Your life story is like some adventure book.
Turn to page 53 if you chose to touch that little boy in his pants….
..You get noticed by a passerby who calls the cops. The cops arrive and catch you in the act. Turn to page 140 if you choose to run, page 300 if you surrender yourself. Page 450 if you hold the kid hostage..

Life is full of twists. I guess that’s what keeps us going. We’re always looking for our ‘next big break’ or ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. Or whatever metaphor you want to use to describe the hope that is almost there. Just barely out of reach. ‘A little bit more’, we would say.

Nobody is truly happy. If they were, they wouldn’t be complaining..I heard someone say something along the lines of ‘the only people who don’t complain are the ones who are dead.’ I believe so.

9 thoughts on “Complaintor.”

  1. bad things happen to everyone and i don’t think anybody’s life is perfect…and i think for me the trick is not to let happiness be controlled by the circumstances around u but control ur happiness u know wat i mean?

    i think i’m truly happy and i’ve met some truly happy people. i dun think i complain about much…. so i think there are happy people out there 😛 without the influence of illegal drugs and prozac too

  2. i think complains & rants are fine if they would make us feel better.. it’s, afterall a form of sharing, imo. so they aren’t bad.

  3. jsze : *hugs* 🙂

    jtpa : S!TA is a happy band!

    Van1ty : no wonder you’re so fucked up haha

    moy : I wasn’t saying it’s a bad thing, just that we do it all the time

    dustyflipflops : I don’t whine.. much :p

    gerald : LOL. I’m glad we connect


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