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Take pipes, take aim

So the other day I was taking a leak at some public toilet and I heard this man say to his son, “Aim at the fox!”. But the creature in the urinal was a frog! So I thought that it was funny he mispronounced ‘frog’ or he really thought it was a fox. And if his son grows up calling a frog a fox, that would be pretty funny too.

* * * * *

Don’t you hate it when you use a public urinal and find piss all over the floor next to the urinals? So the other day I devised a machine which would solve the problem which the little aiming frogs couldn’t-

Basically it is a larger basin under the main urinal which collects urine that manages to miss the main basin and pumps it up to a cannon aimed at the user’s face. I think a few sprays of your own piss to your face is enough to deter you from future carelessness. (Unless you’re the sort of person who’s into that sort of thing, then it’s a win-win situation anyway).

8 thoughts on “Take pipes, take aim”

  1. you’ll be more surprised when girls missed peeing all over the toilet SEAT… =____=

    AND I don’t understand, you people had the hose to aim nicely why some are so not “talented” and got them all over the floor!

  2. are u gonna devise a machination so that people who shit-miss will end up crappin in their face coz that would be funny in a very disgusting sort of way

  3. Jakk : well they deserve one :p

    jtpa : win-win for the stars of 2girls1cup!

    Van1ty : run for minister and we shall change Malaysia!

    Jason : obviously. lol

    moy : ahh, I know you just want piss on your face :p admit it! hahaha

  4. Dude !! thats fucking cool ! 🙂 Try submitting it to the town council(or whatever shita$s department is in charge) 😀

    Also try putting transparant clingwrap on the potty’s :p

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