Random messages saved on my phone

I need a helicopter

I probably wrote this when I was stuck in a traffic jam. Imagine if you had a helicopter, you’d take like 15 minutes to get to work each morning, you wouldn’t have any traffic jams to endure, no worries about finding parking spots (nobody else parks on the rooftops), and you look cool coming in to work. Helicopters- way to go!

I hate fucking cars with no brake lights

I wrote this after almost colliding with the car in front of me when I was driving on the highway and the car in front of me suddenly stopped. I didn’t notice till I was about a meter away from it. Go change your light bulbs assholes!

The random factor. When you shake someone’s hand, you never know what he was doing. Five minutes ago he could’ve been digging his asshole. Treat everyone like they’ve been digging their asses all day

I have no idea what the fuck I was thinking about this when I wrote it, but I assume it’s some half baked theory which I didn’t manage to complete. Be wary of the hands you shake!

I find it very ironic that I could bare my fucking heart and soul to the world through my blog, but if I were to do the same thing to my family instead, my tongue would probably malfunction

Is it just me? Or do most bloggers feel this way? There’s something about whining in text that makes it so much easier than whining to somebody else.

Head massages are awesome, next time when I’m rich..

I wrote this after I went for a haircut awhile ago. They washed my hair before they cut it, and the hair washer must’ve done a great job. Head massages are awesome. Next time when I’m rich, I’m gonna hire someone to wash my hair! haha.

Why don’t they give you straws when you drink..

Chinese tea or water? Seriously, they give you straws for every other drink you other at your local coffee shop, but you never get any straws when you order water or Chinese tea. What gives?!

People take cartoons for granted

Nobody can truly appreciate a cartoon till they know how much work is put into creating a single episode of a cartoon series. Let alone full-length feature cartoon movies. It is insane. Animators are like ants. And they both start with ‘A’!

(shitty artwork done in Paint because my tablet driver seems to be corrupted >:( )

11 thoughts on “Random messages saved on my phone”

  1. i like giving and receiving massages – head or body doesnt matter.

    “I find it very ironic that I could bare my fucking heart and soul to the world through my blog, but if I were to do the same thing to my family instead, my tongue would probably malfunction”

    i feel the same way as you..weird huh? probably because on the internet we are merely faceless people, but to family, we are more intimate

  2. i think driving a monster truck is better 🙂 Imagine if you wait kindly behind a car in the jam, and he points a middle finger at you.. huahua..

    **jac tekan minyak and gelek**


    Not only that, helicopters need rooftop while monster trucks have plenty parking spaces. You can park at an empty slot. ON someone’s car. ON a mamak stall.

    And if anyone objects.. all u’ve gotta do is press minyak.. everyone sked sked d :p

  3. i got a better idea for u george y not sleep at work???u wont have to waste money on petrol and u dont have to get up so early in the morning…hehehe just my 2cents..

  4. I can never bare my heart to any one of my family members.

    But I let it all out on the blog. That way you don’t get the pitiful looks and shit.

    Besides, for all the shit I’ve been through, if I were to rant about it to them, they’d somehow make it sound like its originally my fault.

  5. Iced Nyior : we’re not really faceless if we post our pictures up 🙂

    sam* : I think straws melt if they were served with hot drinks. But then I could be wrong.

    I am so not Jacyln : I don’t need cops chasing after me everywhere I go! haha

    Chung Sin : because I have a nice comfortable place to stay at home?? I don’t have a bed in the office 🙁

    Silencers : wait till the day your family discovers your blog.. haha

  6. love hair wash in salons mainly for the head massages and the fact that you can never blow your hair dry as nicely as the hair stylist does.

    expensive tho. meh.

    and i had the same thought about traffic jams and helicopters.

    i think whining is the easiest way to write. about whining in blog being easier…well..i doubt that’s the case. i think it’s more about the fact that people tend to fear rejection more when it comes to face-to-face meets. hence, lesser apprehension when it comes to writing.

  7. bodicea : i guess that’s why we pay hair stylists 🙂

    right now I’d rather have a transformer than a helicopter. or a transformer helicopter. haha

    and that’s why we whine in cyberspace


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