Set Your Dreams/ Live Your Goals

Why do people say ‘live your dreams’ when sometimes dreams are so easily achieved or stupid?

Like the other night I dreamt that I drove a car into a bunch of cops sitting on a table at a mamak. I see it all the time (cops at mamaks), and I could easily ‘live my dream’ if I wanted to. Would doing so give me a sense of accomplishment? Maybe. But it would definitely give me a life time in jail or a death sentence. Either way, it’s not something you want to do.

Half the time dreams don’t make sense.

Like a few years ago, I had this dream of being kidnapped by a hot girl and we were making out in the backseat of her car while I was tied up. I mean, sure that was hot as hell but how do I get myself kidnapped? Let alone by a hot girl?! I’m of no value (at least in the monetary sense) so nobody would benefit from kidnapping me. Maybe that dream meant that I should work hard until I become rich enough (or of some value) to be kidnapped. I guess one could interpret it in that way.

What if someone dreamt about murdering their parents? And they did it. Would they say ‘my dream came true!’ ‘I lived the dream!’

So in this fucked up world where everybody takes things to literally, I think the right word should be ‘live your goals’. Unless your goal is to become a serial killer.

4 thoughts on “Set Your Dreams/ Live Your Goals”

  1. you don’t live your dreams. the dreams you dream at night literally. you live your dreams- you dream to be so and so, to do this and that. your aspirations. you take the meaning too literally lol.

    i would like to see you drive into a bunch of cops though. i ll tar pau food for you while you are serving your sentence.

  2. Back in LKW, I had a dream about you flying in a hot air balloon in the sky above a grassy plain, then I was running and chasing after you asking to let me join… I thought it’d be funny if it came true… heh

  3. Alvin : lol. You can experience driving into a table of cops yourself. Right now I don’t even have a car to do so!

    Jakk : hahahaha I like hot air balloons 😀

    moy : Probably that is why.. hmm


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