Shower heads

The only reason shower heads have settings is because girls use them. Seriously. I mean when have you ever felt the need to change the settings on your shower head when you were taking a shower? Never!

This is what and all a guy will ever need:

The standard setting for all shower heads and those with no other settings. Nothing fancy here, just a normal shower.

These are the other modes offered by some shower heads:

High-pressured shower

Alright some people might like it, but I don’t. The shower head in my toilet was set to this setting when I went in today (which inspired me to write this post), and it felt like I was ripping my skin off! The water actually hurt! Now I can’t see another situation where water flowing at high-speeds is needed (besides the dam..well come to think of it, it is like a dam. Damn.).

We don’t need this-

low pressured flowing water in the center and higher pressure water around the sides. What the hell is this mode for? For getting girls off of course! They’ll use the low pressure water first and slowly build up and then bam! They finish off with the high-pressured water from the sides.

And then there’s

I myself don’t even know what that is. But I’m sure it would work pretty well. There’s like high-pressure, low-pressure, zig-zag streams, spirals, the whole Giant, and a whole load more shit. Definitely not for (most) guys. I speak on behalf of the manly men out there.

Have you guys ever seen the ad which looks something like this?

We all know what she’s really ‘shh’-ing about
This is based on a real ad! Seriously! I’ve spotted it a couple of times on some major highways. If I ever get the chance, I’ll get a picture of it. I mean, how subtle can you get?

P.S. Lame mspaint drawings tonight cos I felt like doing lame mspaint drawings.

9 thoughts on “Shower heads”

  1. i’ve seen that ad too somewhere!
    why do they need a world’s most quiet shower anyway? if they are doing anything besides showering they cld always say they are showering right haha.

  2. haha, good post.

    i agreed entirely with you. considering what i’ve been using to shower these days — bucket, that shows how manly of a man that i am.

  3. lol. i do play with the settings when im bored (yes! in showers! and dont you go suggesting other ‘fun’ things to do in there).

    there’s this one ‘mist’ setting i just like to use cos its just fun to see misty shower. lol.

  4. Hahahaa the one with many different water strength is the massage mode la..:P and yea, i’ve seen the billboard ad why do they have to put a caucasian female with red lips doing the shhhh sign? :p sshhhhh..listen to the water sound 😛

  5. mm : thank you haha

    rae : i have no idea. maybe so you won’t disturb sleeping people when you shower late at night

    moy : damn you’re manlier than me

    jtpa : are you sure you’re not a girl? hahaha

    Jason : damn, I haven’t had one of those before, time for an upgrade :p

    Alvin : you’re just poor. hahahaha

    gerald : time for an upgrade! i wonder if old men with viagra would piss harder lol

    Jessica : thanks for telling me the name :p i guess that’s how it _really_ works!


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