Snus. I had no idea what a Snu was until a year or two ago I saw a photograph of a Dota 2 player using them. I was like, what the fuck was Snus? So I decided to look it up. On a side note, what do you call people who use Snus? Snusers (dad joke haha).

Anyway, Snus fell off my radar for a while until a few weeks ago Seng Yip sent me a picture of Snus being sold at a counter. I was like, whoa! They sell Snus here. So yesterday, I had the opportunity to purchase Snus and got myself a tin. I already smoke and vape, I figured one more vice wouldn’t hurt.

My first Snu was pretty awkward. I couldn’t hold it under my upper lip properly, it kept slipping out. It was then I realized that I could hold it to the side of my mouth instead. I felt proud of myself. Then I googled it and realized that it was what other people did too – it doesn’t matter where you put it in your mouth, just that the upper part of your mouth has less saliva, so you generate less spit with the sachet lodged in upper part of your mouth.

I purchased the mint variation of General Snus and the experience honestly reminded me of chewing mint gum, minus the chewing action. I might try the regular version once I’m done with this tin. My throat also felt a little rough when I was swallowing my saliva, turns out – it’s the nicotine in the Snus that causes that.

As for its effects, I guess it’s kinda effective at reducing your cigarette intake. Like today, I only smoked one cigarette at work – because I wanted to have one after lunch. There’s something about the action of exhaling smoke that isn’t covered by Snus (duh). However, during other times, I just popped one into my mouth and kept it there for about 45 minutes. I had two Snus at work. It seemed to solve my nicotine craving. Not that I’m using Snus to quit smoking, mind you. It just happened to work that way.

While having Snus at my desk, I understood how convenient it was. I didn’t have to get out of my desk to get my fix of nicotine. My colleagues seated next to me were probably happy I didn’t smell like cigarettes the whole day. I can see them being really useful for long meetings and watching films in the cinema. Hopefully I don’t get too addicted to them because I’ve only seen them on sale at Publika and nowhere else. Would be a bitch if I couldn’t get a fix when I needed one.

Oh George, you can you know, just stop smoking. I guess I could. Writing this post, I realized that I’ve succumbed to the power of indirect advertising. Funny huh?

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