Stories from the driver’s seat

People question me whenever I tell them I like to drive slowly. ‘Why?’ they ask.
‘Why not?’

I have a few reasons for driving slowly. Firstly, I’ve seen enough accidents in my lifetime to know that I don’t want to get involved in any. I know serious accidents can happen even though I drive responsibly, there are always external factors to take into consideration (drunk drivers, bad weather, earthquakes, floods, fires and tornadoes, earth elementals suddenly breaking out of the ground in front of my car) so there’s no reason to go looking for more trouble.

Now you’re all gonna say ‘oh! you say that cos you suck at driving George! Everyone knows that slow drivers suck!’
Well I know shitty drivers speed too.

Another reason- I don’t need traffic summons for speeding. I don’t want to be faced with the dilemma of bribing a cop.

I drive slowly so that I can spend more time in the car listening to my favorite songs. What better way to enjoy music than to listen to it? Every time I drive my mom’s car (it has no CD player) I tend to drive faster because I seriously don’t enjoy radio. Maybe out of every 15 songs, I can enjoy 2 or 3 of them, and maybe even sing along.

The state of radio is horrible. The only decent channel would be light & easy, as old music can’t really annoy you. After being listening to my favorite music ever since I got my own mp3 player and then started driving with a CD player in my car, I doubt I could go back to waiting for my favorite song on radio- since they don’t play the songs I listen to, and I love the repeat function of the CD player way too much. Waaay too much to give it up for boring songs, time-wasting ads, and unnecessary DJs.

I like the fact how Akon talks about not taking drugs on radio. That’s like George Bush talking about not invading Iraq for oil- its bullshit! Akon probably shoots coke every other weekend when he’s not recording ‘community service’ messages for And what about the other one about how his football team was gonna whoop our local teams asses? What’s wrong with not supporting our (bad) local teams anyway? (not that I support any football team in the first place– football is for pussies, go play basketball.. or WoW.. lol) and the other advert where that dude puts on a fake English accent is just as annoying. I can’t believe I actually listened to radio. Sometimes I’d rather listen to static, or the wind rushing by when I wind the car windows down.

Having a license a car to drive is a huge responsibility. We could easily run someone over or hit another car. We could drive on the wrong side of the road or drive off a cliff. We could drive into a wall. We could drive in into a school and run over little children. But we don’t do that. Because we are responsible people.

Whenever I pay the toll person, I make it a habit to say ‘thank you’ to the person in the booth. Sometimes I even say their name. Makes them smile, makes me smile. I wonder if toll booth collectors have blogs. Maybe they have an entry about a boy in a black car greeting them by their name. “Today I had the strangest customer! He said ‘Terima kasih Kareena to me!”

Our air sucks. Seriously.
I’ve been driving around with my windows down long enough to know our air is bad shit. Once I was driving behind a lorry, and the air smelt like sausages! But I usually drive early in the morning or late at night, so when I wind the windows down, it’s cool enough without me needing to turn on the air conditioning (cos I can’t stand it when its too cold). So for quite sometime I had been having this really bad flu/running nose/cold/cough/respiratory sickness, little did I know it was because of the air coming from outside the car. About a week ago, my car’s driver side window got stuck (it does this occasionally) so I stopped driving with my windows down. As the days went by, my sickness seemed to disappear, and right now I’m like 10000 times better than I was before. Its funny how misfortune (stuck window) changes into something good (I’m getting better). My window hasn’t been down since then (because its still stuck).

15 thoughts on “Stories from the driver’s seat”

  1. Shit. I should start driving slower incase those earth elementals sudden decide to destroy KL. And I already drive slow enough. Right George?

  2. Lol ! I don’t drive fast anymore either, not since I got 2 tickets speeding down to Melaka (but none speeding back up?).

    And Light n Easy rules ! πŸ˜€ Its rare to see someone my age appreciate it too, so cheers mate ! πŸ˜€ Its the only station I listen to apart from my CD player.

    Gotta be careful what music yer listening to though…I tend to drive slightly faster when I’m listening to Initial D music, lol !

    …They should also outlaw automatic cars. They’re so hard to drive! I always get this feeling that I’m gonna get into an accident cause I don’t have enough control over the (automatic) car.

    wala wala wala ! πŸ˜€

  3. No dude, we don’t do run into schools and hit children because we are sane people. Not that we are responsible people πŸ˜›

    Besides, you haven’t suffer enough until you ride motorcycle. >:)


    I must say, KL air is bad but it’s not THAT bad after u experience a long wait (maybe 5 hours) in PUDU RAYA STATION, it felt like my lungs are corrupted after that ==D: *pukes

    I agree that the radio is ANNOYING cause the ads, DJs and lame choices of songs… hahaha, Yay for LIGHT N EASY~

  5. well i know people who drives slowly and would still knock down somebody. but in your case, i think u drive fine and i always secretly wonder why u always wind down your windows, now i know why. πŸ™‚

  6. Van1ty : yeah you should, maybe dragons will come too :/ you never know these days. And you drive so slow its like we’re going back into time :p

    James Tan : we need some super powers!

    Kinson : CD players (till they get replaced by hard disk or DVD drives in the future :p) will always be best choice for listening to music!

    I used to listen to Initial D :p and I drive an auto car haha

    Chapree Da Grande : at least you don’t get caught in jams on a bike!

    martin : I don’t drive slow to block people on the fast lane, if I drive slow, I’ll be on the slow lane πŸ™‚

    Jakk : the elementals are coming I tell you! We must get ready for them!

    moy : haha.. now you know my secrets, you can blackmail me!

  7. I’m actually hoping that I get a radio with a SD card reader, and a USB port (they’re available now), seeing as how cheap flash memory is. And I can keep changing the songs on the Card/Thumb drive with less fuss than burning a new CD.

    But I’m not too fussy, and give thanks for what I have – A CD player, and a manual car πŸ˜€

  8. Kinson : yeah those USB drive readers rock πŸ™‚ I’d like one for my car too!

    Albert Ng : but they attack everybody!!

  9. Aye. *raise hand* I’m guilty of that car CD player addiction, too. Especiialy since it can also play MP# CD’s, I’ve been burning songs and have been happily jumping across different songs, and/or repeating them.

    There was one when the CD player motor was broken, and it couldn’t play CDs, I shut it off completely. I couldn’t bear hearing the local radio anymore.

  10. Albert Ng : damn, I gotta start walking!

    Silencers : agreed! CD players ftw

    Asyraf Lee : I drive a fuel guzzler old ass 2.0 car..

    slow meaning under or equal to the speed limit..I try to keep my RPM below 2000 most of the time


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