Sunday afternoon home

Clearing out my phone’s saved messages again- here we go!

So the other day I drove next to this guy in a black 1990 Celica

and parked next to him. It was a coincidence really, our cars happened to be the same color as well. Only thing he had was a larger muffler. Anyways, when I got out of the car, he gave me this stare like I was trying to steal his girlfriend or something (which was right beside him in his car). So I ran over to his window, punched through it and shards of glass went into his eyes. Just kidding about the punching part. I just ignored it and walked off. But yeah, it wasn’t like I did anything! I didn’t even notice his girlfriend at first. It was dark at night. But anyways, thanks for the cold stare asshole!

Drinking soft drinks for rings for dialysis machines

Recently I’ve been collecting can drink rings for a friend who wants them to make a wheel chair (she promised me I could ride in it when it was completed lol). I remembered a few years back, another friend of mine wanted the rings for making a dialysis machine as well. I’m like how many things can you make with these things? Next thing I know we’re gonna have an airplane made from can rings. Then I started thinking about what I was doing- I was drinking unhealthy drinks for a health-related purpose. I thought that was ironic. Maybe next time I’m really gonna need the wheelchair when my legs freeze up from having too much sugar, or I’ll need the dialysis machine cos I put salt in all my drinks (no I don’t do that).

Don’t change your toothbrush every 3 months, brush twice a day, don’t use mouthwash, don’t go to the dentist, you’ll have great teeth like me, never be afraid to smile anymore

And I have to add ‘no flossing either’ to the list. The other day I was talking with Raelene about teeth, and I mentioned how I never took good care of them, but they still remain some of the best looking teeth around (haha..I kid). I’ve had numerous comments about how white my teeth are, or how straight they are blablabla and so on, but I never went beyond the duty of just brushing them twice a day. I never floss, only went to the dentist when my teeth hurt (so far I’ve only been to the dentist 3-4 times my whole life), never changed my toothbrush every 3 months- I mean come on! they start to get comfortable after 2 months! I hate the feeling of brand new bristles over my teeth..its so.. bad?? It’s indescribable. Haha. A few days after that conversation I had a toothache. I’m supposed to go to the dentist to check it out, but I have yet to :p It’s gone now, and hopefully it won’t resurface.

Traffic reports don’t save time, they tell you what you already know! What if you had to go kl and it’s jammed all over?

Traffic reports are useless. Period. They do not save you time! They give you reports in real time. They tell you what is already happening. The other day I was stuck in KL and the report came on. ‘Traffic is congested all over KL’ Yeah, tell me something I don’t already know! I mean, what if the place you’re going to only has one way to reach it? When you live here, you learn to live with the jam anyway. It’s part of life, unless of course you fly a helicopter. Traffic reports are redundant. They don’t help you beat the jam! They make you wish you were at home instead of stuck in the fucking car traffic. ‘Oooh there’s an accident on the federal, motorists are advised not to stop and look’. Half the fucking country doesn’t seem to act that way!

Just saw a cop pull over a dude for using the emergency lane – to overtake a cop car! Hahaha funny shit

This was one of the funniest things I saw in the morning. It was a huge traffic jam to work. They closed 4 lanes into 1 lane (some construction work going on along the batu caves/gombak highway, I don’t know what its called. MRR2 as well? Anyways, I was on the slow lane, and I saw a police car use the emergency lane to cut through the traffic and cut in the car in front of me. About a minute later, another car came, on the same emergency lane as well, and cut in front of the cop car!! I LOLed to myself in the car when that happen. The next thing you know, the police car turned on its siren lights and pulled the dude over. ‘Thanks for our morning kopi!’

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  1. LOL – best Sunday post ever. Better than my crappy trip to BORDERS today.

    Fuck the taxi driver who forked out my cash this afternoon. The Malay taxi driver is more honest than the indian jerk.



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